12 Jul 2019

Imagining Data Town












11 Jul 2019


Move2Learn project update, Glasgow Science Centre

08 Jul 2019

How do simulations contribute to scientific understanding? Insights from conceptual change and conceptual metaphor

Dr Tamer Amin, American University of Beirut

This seminar took place on 17th June 2019 at Moray House School of Education & Sport

Link to seminar recording

20 May 2019

Slides available: Professor Sotaro Kita 'Gesture: its relationship to thinking and speaking'

Professor Sotaro Kita's seminar took place on Thursday 9th May at Moray House School of Education.

06 May 2019

Keeping the Teacher in the Loop: AI technologies for supporting exploratory learning environments

Dr Kobi Gal, University of Edinburgh

03 May 2019


A balancing act: Designing an exhibit for embodied learning

- Jamie Menzies, Research Assistant, Move2Learn Wellcome Trust Institutional Partnership Translational Award project

Digital Education 2019 report
30 Apr 2019

Our 2019 annual report  is now out! 

30 Apr 2019


Data Justice Week

We're delighted to be hosting a week long series of events bringing together colleagues from across the university and leading researchers from the UK and Europe.  Data Justice Week will explore crucial issues of bias, inequality, and injustice, increasingly amplified by the data-intensive technologies now embedded in our social institutions.

29 Apr 2019

Move2Learn launch new project website

You can now follow Move2Learn project news, announcements and events through the recently launched Move2Learn website:

The team are grateful for the support of the College Web Team (CAHSS), partcularly Senior Web Content Officer David Oulton, in developing the website to date. 

23 Apr 2019


Developing Children's Understanding of Personal Data

Dr Andrew Manches and Lydia Plowman have secured funding of £5000 from The Edinburgh Futures Institute in order to explore young children's understaning of personal data through the new project 'Developing Children's Understanding of Personal Data'.