More than Just Words: Education and research in the age of visual cultures

Peter Jandric, Zagreb University of Applied Sciences

Tuesday 21 March 2017, 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Room 1.21, Paterson's Land, Moray House School of Education

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During the past decades, traditional media have undergone major transformations. Hierarchical models of one-way dissemination of information, knowledge and culture have been replaced by horizontal models of two-way communication, and everyone has become a producer and a consumer. One by one, traditional media gave in to new modes of production and dissemination of information and knowledge. In the beginning, the Internet enabled people to produce and share text. Soon after, technological development enabled people to produce and share images and music. Finally, following rapid increase in computing power and bandwidth, video has joined the long line of digitally transformed media. This seminar briefly outlines the rise of visual cultures and their relationship to production and dissemination of knowledge. It presents development of the Video Journal of Education and Pedagogy (Springer); The Association of Visual Pedagogies (AVP); organization and development of the annual series of AVP conferences. Finally, it outlines challenges and opportunities arising from these projects and opens the floor for discussion.




Date of Event 
21 Mar 2017
Event Leader 
Petar Jandric
Paterson's Land, 1.21, Holyrood Campus
Research Area 
Digital Cultures
Event type