Seminar: Digital Learning in schools

Digital Learning in schools seminar

Friday 18th January, 2-4pm

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Access the Outreach building from Holyrood Road next to Levels cafe.  Room B1.11-1 is in the basement.


Accessible and 'Unplugged' Ways to introduce Data Science into Primary and Secondary Schools

Kate Farrell, educational consultant

There a lot of enthusiasm about Data Science, but why should industry and academia have all the fun? This session will show you ways that Primary and Secondary learners can explore data handling, interpretation and visualisation in fun and engaging ways without using computers or complex software.  It will also look at qualifications that will be available to Secondary schools from Summer 2019.


Explorable Explanations

Hamish Todd, University of Edinburgh

"Explorable Explanations" are online articles and videos that involve the user interacting with scientific simulations. There are explorable explanations about the economics of racism; about the the spread of measles; and about the distortions that objects undergo as their speed approaches the speed of light. Over the last five years they have become more and more common; this talk will provide an introduction to them, focusing on ones that teachers can use, including one we have developed based on a theme in the Scottish NAT-5 syllabus


Newbattle Digital Centre of Excellence - Research & Development

Tom Lawson, Education Officer (Learning Technology), Midlothian Council

The £36m Newbattle High School was opened in the summer of 2018, serving the communities of Mayfield, Newtongrange, Gorebridge and surrounding areas.  Working closely with the University of Edinburgh, we are looking to develop new and innovative ways to use digital in learning, developing knowledge and skills for life and work.  This session will present a snapshot of some of the projects that are underway.


Date of Event 
18 Jan 2019
Event Leader 
Judy Robertson
Outreach Building B1.11-1
Research Area 
Children & Technology
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