Learning Analytics

The adoption of information systems in different aspects of education has afforded a new opportunity to gain insight into student learning.

As with most information systems, students’ interactions with their online learning activities are captured and stored. These digital traces can then be ‘mined’ and analysed to identify patterns of learning behaviour that can provide insights into learning and education practice. This process has been described as learning analytics. Learning analytics offer a new premise for decision making, planning, resource allocation, teaching delivering, and intervention.  Our learning analytics group has specific focus on

  • Understanding of meta-cognitive, self-regulatory, and social aspects of learning and sensemaking in group and solo activities
  • Development of methods for analytics of digital traces produced in interactions of users with other users, information, and technology, where the methods are informed by and inform established measures in education, learning sciences, and psychology
  • Understanding of education policy principles in relation to learning analytics, educational measurement and assessment, and digital technology 
  • Development of design principles for developing adaptive software systems supporting and enhancing learning in group and solo activities.

First point of contact for this area of work is:

Professor Dragan Gasevic (Co-Director for Learning Analytics)
 +44 (0)131 651 6243