Visiting student, Mitchell Peters

The Centre for Research in Digital Education welcomes Mitchell Peters from the Open University of Catalonia (Barcelona)

Mitchell will be based with us at Moray House School of Education from October to December 2018.

Mitchell Peters is a Canadian educator and researcher currently based in Barcelona, Spain.  With over 10 years of international, intercultural and inter-linguistic work experience outside of Canada, he has developed a global profile and a passion for teaching, training and learning in the 21st century.  He is currently a doctoral grant-holder at the Open University of Catalonia (Barcelona).  His research and teaching interests lie in digital media and new learning, teaching in digital environments, online higher education, and emerging digital research methods.  He has experience teaching and studying in several countries in Europe, Asia, and North America.

His current research stay at the Centre for Research in Digital Education is related to his doctoral dissertation which aims to outline ways in which students configure and activate their learning ecologies (Barron, 2006; Sangra et al. 2013) in virtual contexts to support formal academic learning in online higher education.  His current research aims to systematize the contribution and conceptual potential of a digital learning ecologies conceptual framework in the context of online HE.  The project hopes to contribute new knowledge and recommendations for improving pedagogical practice by supporting and empowering lifelong student learning across formal and informal contexts.

The study is set against the background of emerging pedagogical models of online learning that rely on the affordances of networked digital technology and expanded learning scenarios, breaking down previous barriers to professional updating and lifelong learning.