23 Mar 2018

Learning about eye-tracking

by Alexia Revueltas Rouz, PhD student (Centre for Research in Digital Education)

What do we look at when we are looking? When do we stop looking? What drives our gaze from one place to another?

Eye-movements are small and not easily perceived. These are strongly related to visual attention, to a degree that moving your eyes to a different location will shift your focus of attention (although it is possible to shift your attention without moving your eyes).

12 Mar 2018

Internet of (Campus) Things: Summary of a recent Festival of Creative Learning event by Dr Michael Gallagher


09 Mar 2018


Dr. Peter Rich, Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah


The Centre for Research in Digital Education seminar series went ahead last week in spite the wintery weather.  Peter delivered his seminar online, a recording of which can be found here:


25 Feb 2018

UoE hosted a CPD day for all the school staff on 15th February 2018.

The partnership between Midlothian Council and the University of Edinburgh will focus initially on the development of the Newbattle Digital Centre of Excellence, which is a key part of Midlothian Council’s vision to create a world-class education system. The Centre of Excellence will offer opportunities for deeper learning through an enhanced curriculum, specialist teaching, dedicated resources and high quality vocational experiences.

16 Feb 2018

Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal: Data Education in Schools

Thermal Imaging Camera exhibit at Glasgow Science Centre
12 Feb 2018


Understanding the role of embodied interaction in pre-school scientists in informal settings

12 Feb 2018

Last Friday saw the succesful launch of our Data Citizenship seminar series.  

Giovanna Mascheroni (Università Cattolica of Milan), Judy Robertson (University of Edinburgh) and Ben Williamson (University of Stirling) spoke on the topic of 'Schooling Data Citizens'

You'll find a link to our seminar recording here:

02 Feb 2018

Help! My Teacher Is a Robot! – Children’s Thoughts on Teaching Automation

by Yi-Shan Tsai

29 Jan 2018

Dr Philippa Sheail will speak at the Research Libraries UK conference at the British Library (14th March 2018): 'Culture, Code, Silence, Surveillance: The changing spaces of the research library'