photo of Moray House School of Education, Edinburgh
29 Jul 2019

We are appointing two new colleagues. One will have expertise in education, data and society. The second will be expert in education futures. These are both full-time, permanent jobs.

12 Jul 2019

Imagining Data Town












11 Jul 2019


Move2Learn project update, Glasgow Science Centre

08 Jul 2019

How do simulations contribute to scientific understanding? Insights from conceptual change and conceptual metaphor

Dr Tamer Amin, American University of Beirut

This seminar took place on 17th June 2019 at Moray House School of Education & Sport

Link to seminar recording

04 Jul 2019


GCRF theme development workshops, Tanzania

Dr Michael Gallagher

Having just returned from Tanzania and an intensive round of workshops as part of a Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) small grant for theme development, I wanted to take a moment to report in on the details. This all has relevance to digital education so bear with me.

The Time and Place: 24-26 June 2019. The University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

31 May 2019


How to know the world? What the untold story of the 1926 Floating University world cruise says about how universities came to have authority over knowledge in the 20th century.

Dr Tamson Pietsch, Director of the Australian Centre for Public History, University of Technology, Sydney

20 May 2019

Slides available: Professor Sotaro Kita 'Gesture: its relationship to thinking and speaking'

Professor Sotaro Kita's seminar took place on Thursday 9th May at Moray House School of Education.

06 May 2019


Have you ever wondered….who does higher education policy actually ‘work’ for?

Professor Sarah Hayes, University of Wolverhampton

06 May 2019

Keeping the Teacher in the Loop: AI technologies for supporting exploratory learning environments

Dr Kobi Gal, University of Edinburgh

03 May 2019


A balancing act: Designing an exhibit for embodied learning

- Jamie Menzies, Research Assistant, Move2Learn Wellcome Trust Institutional Partnership Translational Award project