15 Feb 2019


Visiting US-UK Fulbright Commission scholar - Shana Ferguson

05 Feb 2019


Understanding how children interact with maths technologies

Numbuko is a creative research-based app for exploring numbers by joining and breaking blocks to make colour rods.

18 Jan 2019


Move2Learn at Toddler Fest

By Zayba Ghazali Mohammed & Alexia Revueltas Roux

07 Jan 2019

'Just Google it: digital literacy and the epistemology of ignorance'

Dr Ibrar Bhatt and Dr Alison MacKenzie, Queens University Belfast

This seminar took place on Tuesday 4th December at Moray House School of Education

21 Dec 2018


CRDE Research Stay Write Up

Mitchell Peters, Open University of Catalonia (Barecelona)

Research Stay Purpose

20 Dec 2018


Move2Learn will participate in Teeny Tiny Toddler Fest 9th & 10th January 2019

Teeny Tiny Toddler Fest is organised and hosted by Camera-Obscura & World of Illusions Edinburgh and brings together a range of partners offering science-based activities for the under 5s. 

17 Dec 2018


Lead by Dr Andrew Sherlock, School of Engineering, the Centre for Research in Digital Education will contribute to this project to improve understanding of teaching, learning and assessment through augmented and mixed reality.

Augmented Reality (AR) allows digital content to be overlaid onto the physical environment, typically on devices such as glasses, tablets and smartphones.   More recently, semi-immersive Mixed Reality (MR) devices, usually headsets (e.g. Microsoft Hololens), allow 3D holograms to be placed in the physical environment.

13 Dec 2018


Feedback from Computer Science Education week


Computer Science Education week events took place at Moray House School of Education last week, 3rd-9th December.  

10 Dec 2018

Zayba Ghazali-Mohammed, Research Associate Move2Learn

Tell me about your role in the Centre for Research in Digital Education?