10 Aug 2018

Science Charades: communicating science through gesture at the Glasgow Science Centre

09 Aug 2018

UoE IAD Learning and Teaching Conference slides

If you weren't able to attend the University of Edinburgh IAD Learning and Teaching conference, 20th June, you can now access presentation slides and watch the Keynote presentations here. Links to slides for presentations from Digital Education colleauges below:

'Near Future Teaching', Sian Bayne, Jennifer Williams and Michael Gallagher 

06 Aug 2018

Exploring Divergence and Congruence between Learning and Assessment Practices in University and Professional Workplaces

31 Jul 2018

Children's thoughts on teaching automation

Will robots take over teaching at schools?  What aspects of teaching will they be good or bad at?  This video is based on a series of vox pops that invited children to tell us about their thoughts on robots in general, what it would be like to have a robot teacher, and what might a robot be like in twenty years from now.

'I think they're quite intelligent' 


'Might be a bit better at teaching becuase they know more answers to things'

30 Jul 2018

Seminar recording now available for 'Developing Methods to Trace Participation in Online Writing' 

Access this seminar through Media Hopper via this link

This seminar took place on Wednesday 4th July 2018 and was lead by Dr Jen Ross, Centre for Research in Digital Education


27 Jul 2018

We're delighted to announce that Ben Williamson will be joining us at The University of Edinburgh from September 2018 as a Chancellor's Fellow, based in the Centre for Research in Digital Education.  

I am really excited to be a new Chancellor’s Fellow affiliated to the Edinburgh Futures Institute, based in Moray House School of Education. The Futures Institute is dedicated to examining the complex interplays between digital technologies, data and society from interdisciplinary perspectives. 

23 Jul 2018

Reflections from Tanja's visit 16th-20th July 2018

Maybe some of you saw me on campus or talked to me during my stay.  I visited the University of Edinburgh (Centre for Research in Digital Education) as part of the Erasmus staff exchange program from the EU. 

09 Jul 2018


Conferences with @EDDIGED

With colleagues heading overseas for a break over the summer it seems a good time to look at the places we’ve visited in the first half of the year while disseminating and developing our research, participating in symposiums, conferences and working groups.  

09 Jul 2018


SHIELA Conference, 5th June 2018

The SHEILA project consortium successfully organised a one-day conference on supporting higher education to integrate learning analytics.  The conference took place in the House of Dutch Provinces in Brussels, Belgium.  Find out about the conference, view slides and watch conference sessions via the project blog: