Noreen Dunnett

Noreen Dunnett, PhD student

I am currently a part-time doctoral student at the University of Edinburgh and an online tutor on the MSc in Digital Education, on the 'Introduction to Digital Environments for Learning' and 'Introduction to Digital Game-Based Learning' modules.  My colleague Stuart Nicol and I have recently introduced Minecraft onto the programme, firstly as a digital environment for learning on IDEL and secondly as a 'sandbox' game on the IDGBL course. We have enjoyed collaborating with students and exploring the potential for learning in this popular game environment.

My current research interests are in the area of digital environments and engagement in learning. I'm particularly interested in videogame environments and their relationship with formal learning environments in secondary schools.

For more about my work take a look at my professional website or my personal blog or follow me on Twitter @comcultgirl.