Artificial Intelligence for Inclusive Education

Research areas 
Digital Cultures
Research team 

Dr Jeremy Knox (P.I.)

Dr Michael Sean Gallagher

Dr Yuchen Wang

Key contact 

 Advanced Innovation Center for Future Education (AICFE) at Beijing Normal University

05 Dec 201705 Dec 2018

This project will research Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) in the context of education in China.

A.I. is being hailed as a major transformative technology for future classrooms, lecture halls and campuses, with many predictions of widespread mainstream applications on the horizon. However, crucially, such A.I. initiatives tend to be driven by computer science expertise, and derive from applications in business and commerce. As such, they are designed to enhance individual academic achievement, rather than seeking to enrich the quality of classroom experience for all students.

This project actively seeks to transform the future of A.I. development in education: away from initiatives that simply copy the business model of disruption, towards creative ideas that are generated by teachers and underpinned by core educational values. This will build on the potential of A.I. to offer tangible educational futures that maximise the possibility of quality learning experiences for all.

China is increasingly being seen as the world leader in A.I. research. Working with Chinese teachers and educational stakeholders therefore represents a crucial opportunity to shape the core of A.I. development towards important educational principles.