Dr Kate Miltner

Research Associate

Over the course of her three-year TRAIN@Ed Fellowship, Kate will be examining the experiences and outcomes for UK adults who attend digital skills academies (i.e., coding bootcamps, coding schools) with a particular focus on issues of inclusion and belonging. The first element of her project consists of a UK-wide survey of graduates of digital skills academies, with the aim of providing a comprehensive public-facing resource of student outcomes across a variety of programmes. The second element of her project involves an ethnography of a Scottish coding academy; Kate also conducted an ethnography at an American coding school for adults for her doctoral research, and the Scottish ethnography will be part of larger cross-national investigation of these organizations.

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Digital skills survey live

People who have completed digital skills training are being invited to take part in research that gauges its effectiveness. Led by Dr Kate Miltner, the Who’s Coding survey will analyse the outcomes of all kinds of commercially run courses.