Jack Reed


Working title: 'The influence(s) of networked spaces and mobile technology on experiences of residential outdoor education: Connectivity, young people, and the Outward Bound Trust'

Supervisors: Simon Beames (Norwegian School of Sport Sciences) and Gale Macleod (University of Edinburgh)

My PhD is exploring the relationship(s) between mobile technology, subsequent connectivity, and young people at the Outward Bound Trust, a residential outdoor learning provider in the UK. Employing an ethnographically informed multiple case study approach, the study hopes to uncover whether and/or how a sense of technological connectivity affects how students engage with and experience residential outdoor learning.

Email: Jack.Reed@ed.ac.uk


Reed, J. (2021). What is the postdigital? Why might it matter for outdoor experiential education? Pathways: The Ontario Journal of Outdoor Education, 33(2), 28-31.

Reed, J., & Smith, H. (2021). ‘Everything we do will have an element of fear in it’: challenging assumptions of fear for all in outdoor adventurous education. Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning. https://doi.org/10.1080/14729679.2021.1961092

Reed, J., & Dunn, C. (2022). Life in 280 characters: Social media, belonging, and community during the Covid-19 pandemic. In R. Chan, R. Allen & K. Bista (Eds.), Online teaching and learning in higher education during COVID-19: International perspectives and experiences (pp. 81-92). Routledge. https://doi.org/10.4324/9781003125921