Mitchell Peters

Post-doctoral researcher, Open University of Catalonia

Mitchell visited the Centre for Research in Digital Education between October and December 2018 to experience in situ case study research for his doctoral dissertation, as well as build a professional network of researchers in the field of digital education. As part of a multiple case study on online postgraduate programs in digital education, Mitchell analysed students' experiences of learning across contexts, from formal to informal.

Mitchell defended his dissertation in June of 2020, entitled “The contribution of lifelong learning ecologies in online higher education: graduate student learning across contexts”, available here. Other research outputs from the dissertation, developed while working at the CRDE and  published in the British Journal of Educational Technology, can be viewed here.

Currently Mitchell is a post-doctoral researcher at the Open University of Catalonia, where he leads or supports research projects on teacher digital competence, and immersive technologies in higher education. His research interests include mixed methods and critical perspectives on educational technology and digital education research.

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