Data Education for All, Professor Judy Robertson (inaugural lecture)


'Data Education for All', Professor Judy Robertson (inaugural lecture)

The Media Hopper recording of the above lecture, which took place on 15th May, is now available via this link.

As part of the programme to improve data literacy, all children in the City Region will have the opportunity to excel in data education, regardless of their gender, location or financial circumstances.  121,000 learners across the region will leave school in the next 8 years.  The Digital Centre of Excellence (set to open this summer) is based at the Newbattle Community High School in Dalkeith and is a parntership between the University and Midlothian Council.  

It’s been a great pleasure for me to work with teachers and learners at Newbattle on this excellent project. Everyone involved in delivering the Centre is ambitious and enthusiastic to help pupils achieve their full potential, and the University of Edinburgh is proud to work alongside them. Both the University and Midlothian Council aim to provide excellent digital learning and teaching, and we can learn a lot from each other through collaborations such as this (Professor Judy Robertson, Chair in Digital Learning)

The Centre will help realise the City Region Deal’s ambition to make Edinburgh the data capital of Europe.