Internet of Things project update

11 Oct 2023
Decorative image of a crocodile with an illustration of a sensor overlaid


The IoT in Schools programme works closely with the Data Education in Schools team to support learning and teaching with sensor data – developing and sharing knowledge and resources across the south east of Scotland city region's schools.

Launched in 2019, the IoT Schools Network is currently embedded in 43 of the region’s schools. The majority of the remaining 525 schools are expected to join by the end of the school year.

Learners from Addiewell Primary School have been sharing their experiences using sensors to help monitor the light, humidity, temperature and CO2 in their classrooms. STV, the Herald, the Data Driven Innovation team, and the University of Edinburgh have all shared stories about Addiewell Primary Schools use of sensors in their classroom and Five Sisters Zoo. 

Coverage of Addiewell Primary’s IoT project can be found via the links below.


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Addiewell Primary share highlights from their project (You Tube)

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