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17 May 2023
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Dr Huw Davies has been quoted in the Guardian in a policy analysis article published on Tuesday 16th May. 

The policy analysis article, written by Peter Walker (Deputy Political Editor), explores debates over use of the terms 'cultural Marxists' and 'globalists' and wider use of populist right language.

The article builds on research conducted by Huw Davies and Sheena E MacRae published in the journal Race & Class.

A further article 'Don’t celebrate the prospect of the Tories in opposition – that’s the real danger zone' by Nesrine Malik was published in The Guardian on Sunday 21st May. 

C. Davies, H., & MacRae, S. E. (2023). An anatomy of the British war on woke. Race & Class, 0(0).


The British war on woke is an intensive ideological campaign against social justice movements that is mobilising far-right tropes and conspiracy theories within mainstream British political discourse. It sees itself in a battle of good versus evil, reason against the dark forces of pre-modernity, ‘Cultural Marxists’ and a ‘globalist elite’ intent on ruining ‘western civilisation’ and replacing ‘white’ British culture with woke multiculturalism. The authors examine this campaign’s discourses on various digital media including magazines, blogs, news sites and Twitter, and used search engines and a media database to capture a network graph of a community waging its war on woke. Using the graph metric of ‘betweenness centrality’, they isolate and visualise a small densely inter-connected homophily of political actors who share media platforms and cooperate with think-tanks, campaign groups, and ‘educational charities’. Using van Dijk’s concept of the ideological square, they explore the conceptual logics driving this campaign to its extreme positions, often justified on the basis of representing the interests of the British white working class

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