Chad Lance Hemady

Chad is a doctoral student developing a school-based prevention strategy against online sexual abuse and exploitation of children in the Philippines.

In his doctoral research, he will collaborate with Stairway Foundation, a local NGO, and the Department of Education to develop teaching modules for middle school/junior high teachers. Additionally, he will develop an offline-based e-learning modules as a form of blended learning. He will explore and analyse the sociotechnical ecology in the Philippines to determine children’s opportunities online as well as risk factors/drivers for online/offline violence.

He also aims to conduct a cluster RCT in a couple of schools in the Philippines as a form of outcomes evaluation research.

Chad’s background is in the field of child protection and violence prevention having worked on a number of research projects with UNICEF (Philippines, Myanmar, Jordan), UNESCO, PLAN International Zimbabwe, Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children. 

His MSc dissertation is a Feminist Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis exploring the experiences and motivations of sex traffic survivors in Nepal who became agents of social change – and established the world’s first survivor-led organisation.

Supervisors: Dr Deborah Fry and Dr Michael Gallagher

Twitter: @hemadude