Chris Hambley

I'm in my third year of a part-time--by distance (Edinburgh's first, I'm told)--PhD in Education. My area of focus is a sociomaterial reading of learning spaces, specifically how people negotiate power in the context of transforming an ICT learning centre, and how users experience this space because of its design patterns. The project has centered on a PAR initiative at an international school in Geneva, Switzerland, where I collaborated with both colleagues and students to create a collaborative ICT teaching and learning space. My studies sometimes veer into the realm of architectural phenomenology.

I also work full-time as a middle and secondary English teacher in an international school in Copenhagen, for the moment, while on a two-year sabbatical from Geneva. Originally from Toronto, Canada, I have been working in international education now for sixteen years, with previous stops in Ankara, Basel, and Geneva.

In 2011, I graduated from the MSc in E-learning programme.