Dr Andrew Manches

Senior Lecturer

Dr Andrew Manches is a Senior Lecturer in Learning Sciences and Director of the Children and Technology group. He is a past ESRC Future Research Leader and now leads the UK side of a $2.4million Science Learning+ project with the US. He leads/has led various funded projects centred around the role of interaction in how we think and learn, and the implications for early learning technologies. He marries his academic world with industry as CEO of an early learning technology company, Pling Ltd. Email:  a.manches@ed.ac.uk. Call on: 0131 651 6242

Or write/visit here:
Room 4.16, St John's Land
The Moray House School of Education and Sport
Holyrood Road
Edinburgh EH8 8AQ

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A balancing act: Designing an exhibit for embodied learning

3 May 2019
Image of scales

What makes a good interactive science exhibit? Is it the warm feeling of successfully completing a task? The chance for children and adults to enjoy science together? The integration of physical and digital components? The achievement in having learnt a science concept that is new to the user? Finding ways to explain your learning to peers and family after your experience?

Centre Report 2019

30 Apr 2019
Digital Education 2019 report

We are delighted to share our 2019 annual report (pdf link) setting out the extent of our activity this year.  With a particular focus on the impact of our work, this report includes a new visualisation of our work bringing together the many activities of the Centre for Research in Digital Education.

Thanks to all the many colleagues, students, schools, partners, co-researchers and friends who make our work possible!


Numbuko app

Numbuko is a virtual manipulative version of everyday colour maths materials for eary numeracy, b