Dr Juliet Hancock

Director of Professional Learning

Dr Juliet Hancock is a Teaching Fellow at the University of Edinburgh, within the School of Education, Teaching and Leadership.  She has extensive experience as an education officer with local government and at a national level in Scotland, where her early education expertise led to her appointment with Education Scotland.  Juliet developed national policy on birth to 3, and contributed to the development of a range of materials for practitioners, including materials to support Scotland's ICT strategy for the early years.  Juliet is the President of the Scottish Childminding Association and works for the association on a voluntary basis in order to support and raise the organisation's profile, including taking forward an international conference in 2015.

She is currently taking forward her EdD, in the area of children's learning in the early years.



Cbeebies, playing and learning: consultancy

Guided interaction

We are providing hints to parents and caregivers about the ways in which they can maximize their child’s learning while playing CBeebies’ games. The project involves 150 games.