Dr Tim Fawns

Fellow in Clinical Education

I am a Fellow in Clinical Education in the Centre for Medical Education, teaching mostly on the online, distance MSc in Clinical Education. I am also a part-time tutor on the MSc in Digital Education, teaching mostly on ‘Assessment, Learning an Digital Education’. I have a PhD from the Centre for Research in Digital Education, researching photography, autobiographical memory and distributed cognition.

See more about my work on my website, and follow me on twitter.


Related news

PTAS funding awarded: EdAR - Augmented & Mixed Reality Education Pilots project

17 Dec 2018
Project image


Lead by Dr Andrew Sherlock, School of Engineering, the Centre for Research in Digital Education will contribute to this project to improve understanding of teaching, learning and assessment through augmented and mixed reality.

Augmented Reality (AR) allows digital content to be overlaid onto the physical environment, typically on devices such as glasses, tablets and smartphones.   More recently, semi-immersive Mixed Reality (MR) devices, usually headsets (e.g. Microsoft Hololens), allow 3D holograms to be placed in the physical environment.

Slides available for UoE IAD Learning and Teaching Conference

9 Aug 2018
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UoE IAD Learning and Teaching Conference slides

If you weren't able to attend the University of Edinburgh IAD Learning and Teaching conference, 20th June, you can now access presentation slides and watch the Keynote presentations here. Links to slides for presentations from Digital Education colleauges below:

'Near Future Teaching', Sian Bayne, Jennifer Williams and Michael Gallagher