STEAM Charades: Covid-19 edition

STEAM Charades: Covid19 is a pack of 30 cards for Primary School Teachers to help children discuss, learn, and share experiences of the coronavirus pandemic in a safe, fun and educational way. 

100 packs of the Covid19 edition were printed in August 2020 and distributed across Scotland ready for schools reopening after lockdown.  The team used Scottish Government statistics on the number of confirmed coronavirus cases (by Health Board) to allocate packs across Scotland.  We then worked with the Scottish Schools Education Research Centre to identify STEM mentors (and others) to receive the packs within these areas.   

The cards are free to download below, or physical packs available to purchase via details at the bottom of the page.

Download cards (English)

Download cards (Spanish)

The resource

The resource consists of a pack of 30 cards each with a word and image concerning the pandemic, e.g. “CoranaVirus”, “Vaccine” “Lockdown”, “Bubble” and a 6-page card with instructions and background research information. The pack has been developed with support from key stakeholders including a clinical psychologist. The cards can be used as a stand alone resource or as part of a game called 'STEAM Charades' requiring teacher/children to communicate the card using words only / gestures only / words and gesture, for others to guess.

The background research

This resource is adapted from a knowledge exchange game developed alongside a $2.4million international translational Science Learning project, “Move2Learn”, funded by the National Science Foundation (US) and the Wellcome Trust and Economic Social Research Council in the (UK). Andrew Manches is the UK PI and lead for STEAM Charades.

Move2Learn has explored the role of action and gesture in how young children explore, learn and communicate science ideas. STEAM Charades was developed to communicate the Move2Learn project by encouraging educators and children to reflect on how we think about and communicate knowledge through our gestures often without being aware. The Move2Learn UK team will be developing STEAM Charades and other resources for teachers in their public engagement award project 'Move2Learn4Teachers' commencing January 2021.

Advisory panel

Professor Jo Williams, Professor of Applied Developmental Psychology, Moray House School of Education and Sport

Dr Sharon Macnab, Glasgow Science Centre

Professor Shaaron Ainsworth, The University of Nottingham

Professor Rowena Arshad, Chair in Multicultural and Anti-Racist Education, Moray House School of Education and Sport

Professor John Ravenscroft, Chair of Childhood Visual Impairment, Moray House School of Education and Sport

Mr Paul Nisbet, CALL Scotland

Jamie Menzies, Scottish Schools Education Research Centre


Purchase Physical Cards pack

This resource has been licensed to Pling Ltd, a University of Edinburgh Spin-out company, for not-for-profit sale to cover printing costs and time. This link will take you to Etsy where you can purchase physical packs 

Research areas
Children & Technology
Research team

Dr Andrew Manches

Dr Claire Sowton


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