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RT @CentreTMFutures: We are thrilled to announce the new Centre for Technomoral Futures at @EdinburghUni's Edinburgh Futures Institute! Fo…

Thu 27th Aug 2020 19:01

@ShannonVallor @CentreTMFutures Bravo, it’s looking amazing!

Thu 27th Aug 2020 18:58

@HoneybHighton @mseangallagher may have thoughts....

Thu 27th Aug 2020 18:54

RT @wearesnook: WE'RE HIRING! We're so excited to be expanding our team here at Snook. We are looking to hire Mid-weight and Senior Interac…

Thu 27th Aug 2020 18:54

RT @CentreTMFutures: We are thrilled to announce the new Centre for Technomoral Futures at @EdinburghUni's Edinburgh Futures Institute! Fo…

Thu 27th Aug 2020 16:37

EU #DigitalStrategy incl for #artificialintelligence (AI) and #data will encourage businesses to work with, and dev… https://t.co/QtlUVU7bBg

Thu 27th Aug 2020 15:42

RT @CovOnline: Job Alert: We're looking for the following roles, all fixed term to July 2021.
- Change Project Manager
- Assistant Digital…

Thu 27th Aug 2020 11:19

RT @LegoLostAtSea: Beachcombing in the age of coronavirus. https://t.co/GGzNhPCZ75

Thu 27th Aug 2020 11:05

RT @DrJennie_Morgan: How to make the protest (including quiet, silent, refusing forms) stick to become a truely transformational moment? Ho…

Thu 27th Aug 2020 10:28

If you're interested in developing Critical Data Literacies in schools, colleges, organizations, or with various pu… https://t.co/3xkDdQlX6y

Thu 27th Aug 2020 10:26

RT @tweetsbyames: Has a savvy school librarian or English teacher snatched a golden opportunity to have a pop at the PM in front of the nat…

Wed 26th Aug 2020 22:37

RT @RealGeoffBarton: "It is pretty unsavoury that civil servants appear to be carrying the can while ministers remain unscathed. The gradin…

Wed 26th Aug 2020 22:35

RT @mikercameron: Got to be the worst politicians Zoom bookshelves ever.

Except what's that in the top, right hand corner, "The Twits".


Wed 26th Aug 2020 22:28

RT @carolinejmolloy: Was it all just a one off #mutantalgorithm, then?

Or is there more to say about the place of algorithms in government…

Wed 26th Aug 2020 21:44

RT @_Jujitsu_: "Hope is a radical impatience with the present that pushes us to inaugurate another future"... not optimism as that asks to…

Wed 26th Aug 2020 17:40

RT @lewis_goodall: Worth remembering that in week one of the exams debacle, the PM described the process which included the “mutant algorit…

Wed 26th Aug 2020 16:41

RT @MarcusduSautoy: A mutant algorithm?!? This was a classic old school algorithm written in a top down manner by humans with no AI or mach…

Wed 26th Aug 2020 16:39

I did my undergraduate dissertation on the Pilgrimage series. Neglected genius...! https://t.co/EHARFdiuZn

Wed 26th Aug 2020 13:03

RT @OzKaterji: I’ve spent a fair bit of time criticising Novara for some of the positions they take, and I stand by that criticism, but it’…

Wed 26th Aug 2020 12:22

RT @IOE_Press: NEW! Ben Williamson @eddiged shares his research. #openaccess article, read it here! @BenPatrickWill @UCLpress @HughStarkey…

Wed 26th Aug 2020 11:11

@claudiakincaid I attach my bike to a smart trainer -Zwift is £12.99 a month - much cheaper than gym membership. Ha… https://t.co/qAbFWFbdy7

Wed 26th Aug 2020 10:56

@claudiakincaid Playing bagpipes on Royal Mile not paying off atm?

Wed 26th Aug 2020 10:51

@claudiakincaid Any exercise bike with ANT or Bluetooth can connect to Zwift - this is best one but expensive https://t.co/GhJoaGO3x7

Wed 26th Aug 2020 10:45

@claudiakincaid Don’t have to compete - many social group rides including women only rides - all abilities catered for - my kids use it

Wed 26th Aug 2020 10:43

@claudiakincaid Cheapest way to get on it attached your bike to this https://t.co/jQn2kv3v4p

Wed 26th Aug 2020 10:39

@claudiakincaid I really recommend Zwift ! https://t.co/O6LL2mXGai

Wed 26th Aug 2020 10:36

RT @AfricaNetRights: The gender digital divide and COVID-19:
Towards feminist internet regulations in Southern Africa

New article on the @…

Wed 26th Aug 2020 05:13

After the edtech experiment, now the epidemiology experiment for education. https://t.co/ZHOQO2j4EL

Tue 25th Aug 2020 19:22

RT @Idemamba: “Recently we’ve seen the government rolling out algorithms as solutions to all kinds of complicated societal problems. It isn…

Tue 25th Aug 2020 18:58

@HoneybHighton @ArtyBagger I’ve learnt to be ready to answer to anything!

Tue 25th Aug 2020 18:15

@chiara_bonacchi @eleanor_scope of course you couldn’t resist! awesome photo.

Tue 25th Aug 2020 17:52

@rachelleeobrien @LivUniCIE @EducByDesign I'm sure one day you will look back on it fondly😂 Seriously though, well… https://t.co/CGM17T9Gxj

Tue 25th Aug 2020 16:37

@ellen_boeren Retro :)

Tue 25th Aug 2020 16:02

@rachelleeobrien @LivUniCIE @EducByDesign Many congratulations! Well done!!

Tue 25th Aug 2020 16:00

RT @claudiakincaid: We're hiring! Permanent post in Computational Sociology at University of Edinburgh. Come help grow the @mscdigsoc Searc…

Tue 25th Aug 2020 15:32

RT @Czernie: @emergeAfrica Call for Book Chapters in Higher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa in the 21st Century – Pedagogy, Research and Co…

Tue 25th Aug 2020 10:54

RT @Czernie: An amazing opportunity at @UCT_news for a permanent academic position focusing on #highereducation #Edtech & hopefully #opene…

Tue 25th Aug 2020 08:34

RT @A4A_Internet: How many days do you need to work to afford a smartphone?

In Botswana, Jamaica, and Mexico, it will take you 2 days


Mon 24th Aug 2020 18:20

RT @eateleu: Interdisciplinary Doctoral Training in Technology-Enhanced Learning in Europe, a new paper in @frontiersin Education!
It inclu…

Mon 24th Aug 2020 14:55

I have about 60 tabs open in my browser, all talks I would like to watch before the live sessions start on Wednesda… https://t.co/JQsE2a5ZZ4

Mon 24th Aug 2020 12:41

RT @eddiged: @sboydie discusses a place-based approach to her research over the last few months. 'Turning a pandemic lens on my PhD researc…

Mon 24th Aug 2020 12:37

RT @emollick: Seriously, academics have known since 1958 that starting with group brainstorming leads to worse ideas than writing down idea…

Sun 23rd Aug 2020 20:13

Thanks for the invitation @YoungAcademySco - lots to take forward for @UoE_EFI and elsewhere. https://t.co/cZ9l8Hyxb0

Sat 22nd Aug 2020 11:37

RT @claudiakincaid: We're hiring! Permanent post in Computational Sociology at Edinburgh University. Come help grow the @mscdigsoc and work…

Fri 21st Aug 2020 17:28

RT @MScSocJustice: Thanks to everyone who has already secured a place with us. We can't wait to get started working with you all. Applicati…

Fri 21st Aug 2020 17:20

RT @claudiakincaid: We're hiring! Permanent post in Computational Sociology at Edinburgh University. Come help grow the @mscdigsoc and work…

Fri 21st Aug 2020 16:15

RT @aysenurdal: 🚨NEW PUB🚨 “To Share or Not to Share? How Emotional Judgments Drive Online Political Expression in High-Risk Contexts” is on…

Fri 21st Aug 2020 15:39

RT @claudiakincaid: We're hiring! Permanent post in Computational Sociology at Edinburgh University. Come help grow the @mscdigsoc and work…

Fri 21st Aug 2020 15:25

RT @timbocop: You can’t let pedagogy drive technology, because they aren’t separate.

Instead, let context and purpose drive methods and te…

Fri 21st Aug 2020 06:39

RT @eddiged: Join our mailing list at https://t.co/Pt4BWhicpF to hear about all our news and events #deresearch #digitaleducation #digitalc…

Thu 20th Aug 2020 14:48

Join our mailing list at https://t.co/Pt4BWhicpF to hear about all our news and events #deresearch… https://t.co/DUqsoSva5l

Thu 20th Aug 2020 10:30

Sheffield University halts plans to cut pay and cancel promotions https://t.co/RKLI2TOfQl

Thu 20th Aug 2020 07:09

RT @BenPatrickWill: Familiar news, but this quote from an A level student - "I never knew much about algorithms before all of this happened…

Wed 19th Aug 2020 19:20

New online course pioneers EFI vision for hybrid learning https://t.co/JrC3Joe6aN via @UoE_EFI

Wed 19th Aug 2020 16:29

An example of using #digitalbadges to enhance students transcripts. But does the value derive from DCU rather than… https://t.co/QRXzeFL3hI

Wed 19th Aug 2020 16:05

RT @MCFScholarsEd: Get a taste for what the #EkasiPodcast has been cooking up - showcasing Scholar stories straight to your plate. Launchin…

Wed 19th Aug 2020 15:58

‘Not the Real Me’: Social Imaginaries of Personal Data Profiling https://t.co/wFNJIAM7lF #mscde https://t.co/S8Qm2nJXEp

Wed 19th Aug 2020 14:19

@Rokewood @SocialDemSheff Yes - COVID set to be an alibi for all sorts of crimes against responsible government.

Wed 19th Aug 2020 13:45

@SocialDemSheff @Rokewood Yes, can see that happening - wonder how they’ll work out which courses will directly tra… https://t.co/zPWdCpNSau

Wed 19th Aug 2020 13:44

RT @NtlMuseumsScot: The National Museum of Scotland reopens today!

We’re so glad to have you back.

Watch our short video to find out mo…

Wed 19th Aug 2020 10:35

Join the @data_schools team on Wed 26th August 4-5pm to hear about the new national framework for #digitalliteracy… https://t.co/h8tSkABNkj

Wed 19th Aug 2020 09:28

Interesting read on the role of Telegram in the current crisis in Belarus. "Belarus has torn up the protest ruleboo… https://t.co/mX6cLpodlP

Wed 19th Aug 2020 09:00

@seerymk Sounds like every day...

Tue 18th Aug 2020 18:51

@namethishero Midnight Espresso. You'll stay awake all night... with fear.

Tue 18th Aug 2020 11:46

RT @earlyartsuk: #STEAMCharades is a resource for teachers & educators to use with young children to help discuss and learn about the scien…

Tue 18th Aug 2020 08:12

RT @UoE_LTW: We're offering training every week to support preparations for teaching in semester 1.

Find out more and book: https://t.co

Mon 17th Aug 2020 17:08

RT @YoungAcademySco: Check out this fantastic charades game to help children share their experiences of #COVID19 in a safe, educational env…

Mon 17th Aug 2020 11:58

Research exploring the postdigital challenge of critical media litearcy with @PetarPjandric https://t.co/byfcH0oXrf

Mon 17th Aug 2020 10:30

@stephceraso Really looking forward to reading this, Steph. Possibly of interest: 'Music for writing' compilations… https://t.co/uTGMQMx4yO

Mon 17th Aug 2020 10:15

@lippylibbyy That's great, thanks very much Libs, really appreciate it. I'll send you a link to the article once it… https://t.co/OkwtRJDx8R

Mon 17th Aug 2020 09:32

Thoughts and solidarity with colleagues in #admissions today. https://t.co/HJRpLPs9w7

Thu 13th Aug 2020 14:13

@paigecardrick Hello Paige. I'm a lecturer at Edinburgh Univ and am writing a journal article about lecture capture… https://t.co/MzsDc2bq6Q

Thu 13th Aug 2020 14:10

@lippylibbyy Hello Libs. I'm a lecturer at Edinburgh University and am writing a journal article about lecture capt… https://t.co/uEgOnYr9dH

Thu 13th Aug 2020 14:09

@RBS_Help please can you add contactless functionality to your youth/Revolve account urgently because of, you know, #covid. thanks

Thu 13th Aug 2020 11:36

@j_palmer2 Tremendous! Thanks for this James, really appreciate it. I'll gladly share the article with you once it… https://t.co/Q8PRe8FPHr

Thu 13th Aug 2020 10:14

@j_palmer2 Hello James. I'm a lecturer at Edinburgh University and am writing a journal article about lecture captu… https://t.co/dkpWDPiKrb

Thu 13th Aug 2020 08:53

RT @nd_kane: Hello internet. I have a memory of a sound artist who played the sounds of different cities into the public spaces of other ci…

Wed 12th Aug 2020 13:35

RT @eksploratore: Have you read the Manifesto for Teaching Online https://t.co/yddFLwbP5l ? Or seen the film https://t.co/4NcExTDCrn ? Well…

Tue 11th Aug 2020 17:05

RT @IOE_London: Pupils in comprehensives have "noisy trajectories from GCSE to A-level". Even after removing opportunity for bias, @CEPEO_U…

Tue 11th Aug 2020 11:53

Thanks for writing this, Pat @patthomson I'd like to see the term 'early career' disappear from funding guidelines… https://t.co/5Bxs7zAQYL

Tue 11th Aug 2020 10:44

RT @eddiged: Arriving on Scottish primary school doorsteps today #STEAMCharades Covid-19 edition. Request, download or purchase a pack via:…

Tue 11th Aug 2020 10:40

Postdigital takes on #learningspaces in lockdown: https://t.co/NABDkUjv0k

Fri 7th Aug 2020 09:53

RT @sbayne: Countdown to the launch of our new book-form Manifesto for Teaching Online from team #mscde! @mitpress will publish it next mon…

Wed 5th Aug 2020 06:28

@BenPatrickWill @james858499 - what were we saying?!

Tue 4th Aug 2020 09:35

RT @eddiged: Delighted to share a new free to download resource ‘Digital Play’ by @eddiged’s Professor Lydia Plowman #screentime #earlyyear…

Fri 31st Jul 2020 16:59

@LearningTechEli Well done, Eli! Seems like only yesterday you were blogging on IDEL.

Thu 30th Jul 2020 16:58

RT @HeyPresstoConf: So what is Hey Pressto! (https://t.co/9K6RpijDOy) #HeyPresstoConf20 ?

Well here's some information! https://t.co/2Imel

Wed 29th Jul 2020 16:02

@katecowan @JohnPP @playarchive Really enjoyed this, especially the bit about children remixing VAR in their imagin… https://t.co/78y7XxXwsi

Thu 16th Jul 2020 12:58

@ReadInstapoetry I really enjoyed the sessions this afternoon - thank you @ReadInstapoetry and all the speakers!

Tue 14th Jul 2020 17:09

RT @ReadInstapoetry: For each of these slides, one poem was sourced from Instagram & one was created by a computer! Can you guess which is…

Tue 14th Jul 2020 17:08

RT @pfeltenNC: Rereading @sbayne etal's brilliant "Being 'at' university: the social topologies of distance students" in context of #COVID1…

Mon 13th Jul 2020 15:07

@megpickard Had the same thing, nightmare. The solution was to buy Minecoin vouchers from Amazon: make sure you're… https://t.co/BsPWTnrjOS

Thu 9th Jul 2020 13:16

@EastLintonPS Great to be in the playground earlier. I mentioned this session happening at 1pm today 'Blended lear… https://t.co/eI63na0czx

Thu 25th Jun 2020 12:14

RT @scottyspacegeek: Really useful information about #covid risk #scottish #schools. May help calm some nerves after today’s announcement.…

Wed 24th Jun 2020 08:46

RT @Soc_Imagination: Call for Papers: Digital Technology, Lockdown and the Post-Pandemic University https://t.co/dyL5AXLdvS deadline June 3…

Wed 24th Jun 2020 07:24

RT @Neil_Selwyn: new article: "Digital Education In The Aftermath Of COVID-19: Critical Concerns & Hopes" ... in 'Techlash' zine with other…

Wed 10th Jun 2020 16:56

Listening to @PetarPjandric 's #DEseminar 'Viral modernity: Covid-19 and the promise of open science' https://t.co/Gfx3yNQGjG #deresearch

Fri 22nd May 2020 12:18

RT @eddiged: A week to go until our next @eddiged seminar 'Viral Modernity: Covid-19 and the promise of open science' with Professor Petar…

Fri 15th May 2020 20:06

RT @eksploratore: Our MSc in Digital Education is taking applications for September 2020. Fully online, cross-disciplinary, research-led an…

Sun 3rd May 2020 20:05

RT @mseangallagher: The transition at the University of Edinburgh (at least my very small part in it) https://t.co/HJUQhpj4kN https://t.c…

Sat 2nd May 2020 10:12

Early journal submission data suggest COVID-19 is tanking women's research productivity https://t.co/PmuU2zzdMw goo… https://t.co/vgQuWMbRSo

Wed 22nd Apr 2020 16:22

Spoke to students at Central China Normal University in #Wuhan today about #Digital #Cultures and #Education Thanks to Prof. Luo #deresearch

Mon 20th Apr 2020 15:39

I recently wrote about the political economy of #AI and #education in #China - some #openaccess prints now availabl… https://t.co/oZucsrxMPa

Fri 17th Apr 2020 09:00

RT @MorayHouse: Has there ever been a more necessary time to study MSc Digital Education or MSc Social Justice and Community Action? Come c…

Fri 17th Apr 2020 05:07

@yourPTIprof @BenPatrickWill We're not quite sure yet, likely January 2021

Fri 17th Apr 2020 05:05

RT @owen_g: Lockdown has laid bare Britain's class divide | Lynsey Hanley


Tue 7th Apr 2020 14:42

RT @CreateInf: Applications are open right now for Connected Innovators, Resident Entrepreneurs, and CI Small Research Grants! Find out mor…

Fri 27th Mar 2020 08:51

RT @EdCDCS: As we all transition to remote working, we’re planning to enable some research support activities from a distance.
We are pleas…

Tue 24th Mar 2020 11:37

RT @markzarb: Thanks to @Rachel_Menzies, @jsinger_compsci, @DanaiKorre, @JudyRobertsonUK and Areti Manataki from @InfAtEd for co-hosting th…

Wed 18th Mar 2020 18:48

@jamiebalfour04 can you make it for the teaching interview at Informatics tomorrow?

Fri 6th Mar 2020 20:57

Grateful to work with so many inspiring people @eddiged & super thrilled to be nominated for this @EdinburghUni Col… https://t.co/pnfOzXA8sx

Tue 3rd Mar 2020 10:32

RT @EdCDCS: Pleased to see that UoE's Map of Accused Witches using Wikidata is nominated for a DH award - Emma spoke about in an @EdCDCS se…

Sat 15th Feb 2020 13:35

RT @data_schools: ❤️We #lovedata every day but because it's #ValentinesDay2020 this visualisation by Erik Boertjes @bloomingdata shows how…

Fri 14th Feb 2020 11:10

We’re looking for interns for Data Education in Schools https://t.co/bRqj9p5la8

Thu 6th Feb 2020 14:51

RT @data_schools: @Edinburgh_CC and @data_schools have joined with fibre network provider @CityFibre to deliver a Smart City-focused Intern…

Thu 6th Feb 2020 14:49

RT @data_schools: @Edinburgh_CC and @data_schools have joined with fibre network provider @CityFibre to deliver a Smart City-focused Intern…

Thu 6th Feb 2020 11:22

Want to be our data scientist in residence? https://t.co/xqGFijUXmD

Thu 30th Jan 2020 09:12

We're recruitng in design informatics! https://t.co/i60DOdmTaq

Tue 14th Jan 2020 18:32

RT @data_schools: 🎅Santa needs your help!🎅 What tech is on your school Christmas list? #Scottish #teachers🎄https://t.co/Uhz2FFEbFx @wldigi…

Tue 17th Dec 2019 13:56

We’re looking for a lecturer in digital and data literacy at @MorayHouse https://t.co/9vRzp3bHlB (hopefully right link now)

Thu 21st Nov 2019 12:50

We’re recruiting for a lecturer in digital abd data literacies at Moray House: https://t.co/9xrZgJFRlj

Thu 21st Nov 2019 08:23