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Generation UK launches digital employment opportunities in Birmingham, Manchester, London & Leeds to combat youth… https://t.co/QgzhQknlGs

Thu 18th Feb 2021 20:13

So delighted that @mhawksey will be joining us as learning technology and design lead at the Edinburgh Futures Inst… https://t.co/2E3yyexYBz

Thu 18th Feb 2021 19:26

RT @MariaEcoGl: We're organising a @sgsah Cultural/Museum Studies Catalyst training event on 20 Apr for PhD students in Scotland on The Vir…

Thu 18th Feb 2021 13:40

RT @Czernie: Our paper exploring academics navigating the #HE landscape at the convergence of #unbundling #marketisation & #digitisation sh…

Thu 18th Feb 2021 13:05

@k_triquet I noticed on the Find Solution AI website that there is some connection to the UCL Educate initiative, p… https://t.co/6tZrj1jE9P

Thu 18th Feb 2021 11:51

@pennyb @drjennings Yes - also I’ve been published on x therefore I am right on y. Story they’re all telling the pu… https://t.co/OvtLBhXTWG

Thu 18th Feb 2021 11:17

New project funded - EdTech Entrepreneurship at UoE https://t.co/B3e7c9LkMt @DataCapitalEd #edtech #dataethics https://t.co/VvKUK4FoYC

Thu 18th Feb 2021 10:30

RT @EARLI2021: The #EARLI2021 preliminary programme is now available at https://t.co/xAxrdTNVRV! This might be subject to some further chan…

Thu 18th Feb 2021 09:05

RT @IOE_Press: NEW! LRE 19.1: Michael Reiss @IOE_London on AI & its potential to enrich student learning & complement the work of (human) t…

Thu 18th Feb 2021 09:00

RT @hchadlane: Postdoc opening for a science education (or related) PhD to work with my collaborator Prof. Neil Comins and me on an NSF pro…

Thu 18th Feb 2021 09:00

RT @MariaEcoGl: We're organising a @sgsah Cultural/Museum Studies Catalyst training event on 20 Apr for PhD students in Scotland on The Vir…

Thu 18th Feb 2021 08:58

RT @CreateInf: If you work in the creative industries or are an academic @EdinburghUni or @EdinburghNapier interested in developing a funde…

Thu 18th Feb 2021 08:55

RT @EdCDCS: Next week: 'Why is hard to talk about labor in digital scholarship?' - discussion led by @paigecmorgan, Digital #Publishing and…

Thu 18th Feb 2021 08:55

RT @data_schools: Want to influence the shape and content of the #dataskills curriculum with us? Join our Knowledge Sharing Community http…

Thu 18th Feb 2021 08:54

RT @BenPatrickWill: Facial emotion AI for education is back again. This time linked to a personalized learning platform.

Thu 18th Feb 2021 08:54

RT @phat_controller: Mass facial recognition is the technology of police states & must be regulated. In April, the EU will detail plans for…

Thu 18th Feb 2021 08:11

International non-state organizations and gov ministries alike helped Google extend reach into schools - and up to… https://t.co/HulXVHTDsy

Wed 17th Feb 2021 23:11

50+ new features for Google Education, from Chromebooks to the cloud and third party add-ons. But why rebrand it al… https://t.co/JlzB07dlBH

Wed 17th Feb 2021 22:32

This is massive Google function creep for education, with far more integrations with other edtech, more student tra… https://t.co/AI8mcXkBr5

Wed 17th Feb 2021 22:24

Google Education is upgrading everything. Google Classroom now explicitly positioned as an LMS, and will be integra… https://t.co/VJu0qPi1T8

Wed 17th Feb 2021 22:03

Google G Suite for Education has been rebranded Google Workspace for Education, with additional tiers of for-pay te… https://t.co/NrxgxNY4EW

Wed 17th Feb 2021 21:57

@KPorayskaPomsta Great, thanks! A conversation would really help for a project I'm setting up coming at this from a… https://t.co/xCkSIhYcW1

Wed 17th Feb 2021 19:58

@KPorayskaPomsta I'm interested to know more about affect-driven AIED. Is Sidney D'Mello still a key voice? Far as… https://t.co/7wJtuFlgoR

Wed 17th Feb 2021 19:11

@biblioracle It's remarkably similar to uk visions for HE in many ways too. I guess these guys and consultancies ar… https://t.co/hk10kRkX6Y

Wed 17th Feb 2021 17:11

The Virtual Consultancy Challenge will see inter-disciplinary groups meet with and ultimately pitch their proposals… https://t.co/hT6Bgb2CS6

Wed 17th Feb 2021 14:12

@adam_matthews @insidehighered Thanks for the link to the article. The idea of the open-loop university seems to co… https://t.co/PS30NmRlqw

Wed 17th Feb 2021 08:41

CoLab @Middlebury cultivates relationships between neighboring universities and communities to collaboratively addr… https://t.co/eKwddEXJyE

Wed 17th Feb 2021 07:32

Why doesn’t the offshored money behind Legatum & Spiked set up its own university where Charles Murray can lecture… https://t.co/LqLkqP9JSN

Tue 16th Feb 2021 23:40

@UofGlasgow secured associate member status of Civis – a European university alliance aiming to tackle the big soci… https://t.co/D1XSClTGic

Tue 16th Feb 2021 20:13

@drjennings Not passing peer review is the new cancelled.

Tue 16th Feb 2021 17:14

RT @IOE_Press: NEW LRE 19.1 SPECIAL FEATURE: AI and the Human in Education.

Follow this special feature @Science_Open & receive new artic…

Tue 16th Feb 2021 16:33

"The Hybrid Campus" offers three areas of focus: 1) a rethinking of the academic portfolio, 2) redefining the stude… https://t.co/dxhxBoj2W4

Tue 16th Feb 2021 15:42

NI Economy Minister Diane Dodds is to meet the Republic's #HigherEducation Minister to discuss NI students taking p… https://t.co/1Dt0b3Yzgj

Tue 16th Feb 2021 14:12

@wsi2016 Can only be a matter of time now before ‘woke’ journals come under attack.

Tue 16th Feb 2021 12:19

Is rejection of junk research via peer review being rebranded as intolerance of controversial ideas & viewpoint div… https://t.co/FxVBM8JUH7

Tue 16th Feb 2021 12:04

Exploring Rural–Urban Education Divide in India (and the role of ICT initiatives in mitigating/exacerbating that di… https://t.co/hVV7hFOKmR

Tue 16th Feb 2021 09:00

A 50-Year College Subscription Idea @insidehighered https://t.co/3LoWDdQMTx Sounds suspiciously like student loan s… https://t.co/DIOzyRGubH

Tue 16th Feb 2021 07:32

Uptime raises £11.5m seed-funding https://t.co/zVKYrvvaoU But "Uptime is an #edtech app that presents quick 5-minut… https://t.co/Fa5xqD07r2

Mon 15th Feb 2021 15:42

Week 6 of #msccde begins today, and a new theme of 'teaching with data': https://t.co/tlDCFgu0YK

Mon 15th Feb 2021 11:09

RT @sbayne: The journal Postdigital Science and Education is seeking responses to the Manifesto for Teaching Online - more here for anyone…

Mon 15th Feb 2021 09:44

@Rokewood ‘Laconic involuntary heroism’ - chef’s kiss.

Sun 14th Feb 2021 20:42

@mhawksey @custard_cottage Good point Martin. It’s the way commentators so often seem to be unable to talk about ch… https://t.co/8aZRL9biqU

Sun 14th Feb 2021 10:06

*Remixing digital content redefines authorship.* authorship is redefined ...through the working of networked conten… https://t.co/dbk60sdcKc

Sun 14th Feb 2021 08:53

@mhawksey What’s being consigned to history is the view that learning in HE is just information transmission to ran… https://t.co/zNqEpiMfLc

Sun 14th Feb 2021 08:20

@drjennings Yes - there’s a whole generation of Welshman who would lose it if Zulu was critiqued. Atrocities commit… https://t.co/J1YcXWxtjg

Sun 14th Feb 2021 00:32

@drjennings Popular history, audience conditioned to expect an emotive national story people they can insert themse… https://t.co/XuXYahZ8rc

Sun 14th Feb 2021 00:23

@drjennings I’m referring to the mindset that’s proud of British achievements & victories as if they had something… https://t.co/t5AA92QZNQ

Sun 14th Feb 2021 00:18

@ShannonVallor Imagine the chaos if people who are obviously sick are in shops, on buses and in pubs.

Sun 14th Feb 2021 00:08

The journal Postdigital Science and Education is seeking responses to the Manifesto for Teaching Online - more here… https://t.co/SLwUgqjyV8

Sat 13th Feb 2021 11:45

RT @refugeelawproj: EFA Level 6 applicants recently sat for their interviews. Level 6 is a partnership between @CCECS_AUB @MCFScholarsEd an…

Fri 12th Feb 2021 19:30

RT @melissaterras: Friends who work in Galleries, Library, Archive and Museums... what are your plans this weekend? If you are at a loose e…

Fri 12th Feb 2021 17:12

@Anda19 Yes, let's do that, Alexandra. I'm working on a few learning spaces things and will be interested to hear m… https://t.co/hH0sAbgjNt

Fri 12th Feb 2021 16:48

@Anda19 @mart_compton @JoStroud @PostPandemicUni @timbocop @eddiged @UCL_teaching Agreed!

Fri 12th Feb 2021 16:33

@Anda19 @mart_compton @JoStroud @PostPandemicUni @timbocop @eddiged @UCL_teaching I'm in! Look forward to hearing more, Alexandra.

Fri 12th Feb 2021 16:29

RT @HoneybHighton: Apparently 100+ UoE Staff and students are paying personally for LinkedIn Learning accounts. Please stop. You don't nee…

Fri 12th Feb 2021 13:27

RT @eddiged: New seminar announced! Join us on 31st March when Dr Lyndsay Grant will be talking to us about how educational #data practice…

Fri 12th Feb 2021 12:34

@philshe Is it too late to rewrite our #mscidel 'Spaces' course outline for next week? 😁

Fri 12th Feb 2021 11:07

@jon8jack You have a boat-building deadline??

Fri 12th Feb 2021 10:32

Reminded of my previous professional existence in digital libraries and TARA and RARA's great work recently: Trust… https://t.co/3dsA8r09Kd

Fri 12th Feb 2021 09:00

RT @ElizaEaston: Being asked for the 'best' examples of UK museums/galleries which have successfully brought the local community together t…

Thu 11th Feb 2021 15:00

meantime the frost-wind blows
       Like Love's alarum pattering the sharp sleet
Against the window-panes; St. Agnes' moon hath set.

Wed 10th Feb 2021 22:09

@tryberg Ha! Way more motivating than getting my email account/research database/vle to work as previously advertised :-)

Wed 10th Feb 2021 17:52

RT @kingsdh: ✨Jobs ✨ We’re excited to announce that we’re looking for two Professors and one Senior Lecturer/Lecturer to join our departmen…

Wed 10th Feb 2021 17:48

I am tired of being recommended to try a different browser. Are we working towards having a different one for each platform/product?

Wed 10th Feb 2021 16:59

Academics teaching and learning at the nexus: unbundling, marketisation and digitisation in higher education… https://t.co/mZS8OSArzd

Wed 10th Feb 2021 14:19

@joe_noteboom @will789gb @DonaldClark @adam_matthews @tryberg I agree. Divergence of opinion is important but it ne… https://t.co/pz9NZrNszz

Wed 10th Feb 2021 13:33

@neilmosley5 @joe_noteboom @timeshighered Yes of course we need plurality. My problem with this is the flat discour… https://t.co/cJUcFwvLc5

Wed 10th Feb 2021 12:02

@petergoodyear @joe_noteboom @timeshighered @CampusReview https://t.co/RgU7wxfZmP

Wed 10th Feb 2021 10:52

@joe_noteboom Just....why does @timeshighered publish these really, really bad articles?

Wed 10th Feb 2021 10:18

The Rhetoric of Google Lens: A Postsymbolic Look at Locative Media https://t.co/83XF1NOn1s https://t.co/3KeARSytME

Wed 10th Feb 2021 09:00

RT @katiprice: We did it! Team Digital @V_and_A only went and launched Explore the Collections - our biggest launch in 5 years. Read more a…

Tue 9th Feb 2021 17:55

RT @nat_collection: Our Provisional Semantics (@TateResearch) project is conducting a mapping exercise into the period 2009-2019 and 2020-2…

Tue 9th Feb 2021 12:40

Week 5 of #msccde starts today, pulling together our explorations of 'learning' with data https://t.co/jbyt6sqGmu

Mon 8th Feb 2021 08:12

RT @hintondm: Just starting reading The Manifesto for Teaching Online and it sings from the very first page - #thesearemypeople. “what the…

Fri 5th Feb 2021 11:53

@irnbru6335 Wow, if you add 'disruptive' to that vendor speech, they will have covered all the buzzwords.

Thu 4th Feb 2021 16:17

I'm grateful to be invited - these are strange times and it's very good to have a chance to collectively consider w… https://t.co/Qe3R1GgNcU

Thu 4th Feb 2021 14:55

@InfAtEd @EdinburghUni @data_schools @eddiged Our fab Informatics students have started an online code club https://t.co/Di1DaoexAi

Thu 4th Feb 2021 11:57

My amazing students have started a code club ❤️ https://t.co/Di1DaoexAi

Thu 4th Feb 2021 11:51

RT @codeclub_scot: Check out "Scratch from Scratch" - a fun new coding club for kids P6/P7 in Scotland!! Sessions are run weekly on Wednesd…

Thu 4th Feb 2021 11:50

RT @ClaireHMajor: JUST ANNOUNCED! Keynotes for the online @UWDEPD #UWdtl conference Aug 2-5, 2021 are @SBayne & @J_K_Knox (w @EdinburghUni)…

Thu 4th Feb 2021 08:53

Interesting appointment to the Biden administration, 'first deputy director for science and society, a position tha… https://t.co/o1FC2re0kC

Thu 4th Feb 2021 08:53

RT @techreview: The digital divide isn’t only about proximity to internet services–many simply can’t afford it. https://t.co/iMut79yOdB

Wed 3rd Feb 2021 19:30

RT @UkNatArcRes: Do you work in #design, the visual arts or another creative industry? Help us shape the @ahrcpress-funded Deep Discoveries…

Wed 3rd Feb 2021 13:16

Upcoming 'Data is beautiful' event hosted by colleagues at #deresearch - get tickets here: https://t.co/DNNpdXXGDV #msccde

Wed 3rd Feb 2021 11:22

Interesting BBC piece 'data diary', might be of interest to #msccde folks https://t.co/lVlfnasxvk

Wed 3rd Feb 2021 11:02

RT @mwolfindale: It was a real pleasure to have the opportunity to contribute a playlist to the Elektronisches Lernen Muzik project, which…

Wed 3rd Feb 2021 09:03

RT @nualamorse: Very excited to advertise #PhD opportunity funded @mgsesrcdtp - investigating the practice of culture-led wellbeing - a col…

Wed 3rd Feb 2021 07:45

RT @mseangallagher: Entangled with Education and Digital Culture, a (really good) playlist and liner notes from @mwolfindale as part of the…

Tue 2nd Feb 2021 14:31

RT @FaberBooks: Calling all fans of The Fall – we are thrilled to be publishing Excavate!: The Wonderful and Frightening World of The Fall…

Tue 2nd Feb 2021 10:53

Entangled with Education and Digital Culture, a (really good) playlist and liner notes from @mwolfindale as part of… https://t.co/7G9f3jBSqy

Tue 2nd Feb 2021 09:00

Really fantastic hand-drawn data visualisations from #msccde students last week https://t.co/W7MpXsFLHe - so impres… https://t.co/2bYGEBeFhC

Tue 2nd Feb 2021 08:55

#idelbots: Playfully (I hope!) picking up some of the themes of #mscidel https://t.co/IA115NCLxq

Tue 2nd Feb 2021 05:48

'Entangled with Education and Digital Culture': playlist, liner notes and artwork by @mwolfindale, within the Elekt… https://t.co/v35QfvfoPc

Mon 1st Feb 2021 08:38

RT @savasavasava: I'm working on a new film for the @screensurveil series, and am looking for a writer and a filmmaker (BIPOC, Canada-based…

Fri 29th Jan 2021 16:45

These projects will develop new insights about the future of heritage engagement. I'm happy to be part of the Footp… https://t.co/h5Hkc76sYL

Fri 29th Jan 2021 14:46

RT @UoE_Teaching: In this post, @james858499, Lecturer in @eddiged, discusses the pedagogical significance of using public and commercial o…

Fri 29th Jan 2021 10:11

They are also useful questions about evidence: is it clear that 'personalised' learning is actually beneficial to s… https://t.co/OHNtZE20HL

Thu 28th Jan 2021 19:35

Great point. Often it's 'machine learners' learning from data, and sometimes even the software engineers don't quit… https://t.co/C0S2KYhDhp

Thu 28th Jan 2021 19:02

Well worth tuning in - inspiring so far, currently hearing about the @DigitalNZ open API https://t.co/j806rP9BEhhttps://t.co/5c4Ep5g1n0

Thu 28th Jan 2021 09:15

Thanks to the awesome @ScullionToni for making this advert for me 😃 https://t.co/5PiRa0KdtR

Tue 26th Jan 2021 18:38

RT @CompSciScot: Computing Science teachers come meet the talented @EdinburghUni students who have volunteered to create online computing r…

Tue 26th Jan 2021 18:37

RT @eddiged: Unable to attend 'Black Women’s Digital Diaspora, Collectivity, and Resistance' with Dr Francesca Sobande? Seminar recording…

Mon 25th Jan 2021 13:19

@BethEastwood @Dorianlynskey With the short "o" of "hot", "bottle": it's a sound that isn't really heard in US English.

Thu 21st Jan 2021 17:14

@Dorianlynskey @BethEastwood Americans pronounce "comma" KAH-mah.

Thu 21st Jan 2021 17:05

@BethEastwood @Dorianlynskey Accents in the south of England are non-rhotic (like my Australian one), so there's no… https://t.co/9cjqSYNa2C

Thu 21st Jan 2021 17:04

Colonial thinking has produced our disciplines and the structures within which we teach - if decolonisation has any… https://t.co/ofPqJvqucX

Thu 21st Jan 2021 13:34

RT @melissaterras: What do those in the Gallery, Library, Archive and Museum sector think of Google Arts and Culture? What are its benefits…

Wed 20th Jan 2021 14:28

RT @sturdyAlex: This, by Spanish Foreign minister @AranchaGlezLaya, is absolutely superb. The clearest expression of the problem I've heard…

Sun 13th Dec 2020 12:24

RT @zeynep: I wrote about the Chinese scientist who kick-started it all by publishing the SARS-CoV-2 sequence in an open repository on Janu…

Sat 12th Dec 2020 15:31

RT @africatechie: A Zoom meeting uses 540 MB to 1.62 GB of data per hour.

In Africa, median price for 1 GB is $7.04 w/ some higher than $…

Mon 30th Nov 2020 11:36

Full moon at #jupiterartland, 28 November 2020. https://t.co/bHwTJRj3mf

Mon 30th Nov 2020 10:36

@Comcultgirl Congratulations Noreen, what great news!

Thu 26th Nov 2020 14:33

@BenPatrickWill @james858499 - what were we saying?!

Tue 4th Aug 2020 09:35

RT @eddiged: Delighted to share a new free to download resource ‘Digital Play’ by @eddiged’s Professor Lydia Plowman #screentime #earlyyear…

Fri 31st Jul 2020 16:59

@EastLintonPS Great to be in the playground earlier. I mentioned this session happening at 1pm today 'Blended lear… https://t.co/eI63na0czx

Thu 25th Jun 2020 12:14

RT @scottyspacegeek: Really useful information about #covid risk #scottish #schools. May help calm some nerves after today’s announcement.…

Wed 24th Jun 2020 08:46

RT @CreateInf: Applications are open right now for Connected Innovators, Resident Entrepreneurs, and CI Small Research Grants! Find out mor…

Fri 27th Mar 2020 08:51

RT @EdCDCS: As we all transition to remote working, we’re planning to enable some research support activities from a distance.
We are pleas…

Tue 24th Mar 2020 11:37

RT @markzarb: Thanks to @Rachel_Menzies, @jsinger_compsci, @DanaiKorre, @JudyRobertsonUK and Areti Manataki from @InfAtEd for co-hosting th…

Wed 18th Mar 2020 18:48

@jamiebalfour04 can you make it for the teaching interview at Informatics tomorrow?

Fri 6th Mar 2020 20:57

Grateful to work with so many inspiring people @eddiged & super thrilled to be nominated for this @EdinburghUni Col… https://t.co/pnfOzXA8sx

Tue 3rd Mar 2020 10:32

RT @EdCDCS: Pleased to see that UoE's Map of Accused Witches using Wikidata is nominated for a DH award - Emma spoke about in an @EdCDCS se…

Sat 15th Feb 2020 13:35

RT @data_schools: ❤️We #lovedata every day but because it's #ValentinesDay2020 this visualisation by Erik Boertjes @bloomingdata shows how…

Fri 14th Feb 2020 11:10

We’re looking for interns for Data Education in Schools https://t.co/bRqj9p5la8

Thu 6th Feb 2020 14:51

RT @data_schools: @Edinburgh_CC and @data_schools have joined with fibre network provider @CityFibre to deliver a Smart City-focused Intern…

Thu 6th Feb 2020 14:49