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RT @EdSust: Are you a social media expert with a passion for sustainability? 💻🌿🌍 Join our team as a Communications Coordinator! Apply by 8…

Thu 23rd Sep 2021 17:24

@ginasue Congratulations! Looks like an amazing fit for you.

Thu 23rd Sep 2021 16:43

Outstanding 👏 from @ioannanoula - many things that need saying. Ed tech industry desperately needs a gate keeper li… https://t.co/ge2S7Xt4Ja

Thu 23rd Sep 2021 16:02

Simon Nelson @urbangenie joins @QA_Ltd boosting its digital capabilities including in #HigherEducation… https://t.co/Lkf9XzTbk6

Thu 23rd Sep 2021 15:42

University leaders need to demonstrate an adaptive mindset https://t.co/hPlHDSt0jV "While spreadsheets and annual… https://t.co/OA5gS9WjH8

Thu 23rd Sep 2021 14:12

And a fascinating historical perspective on how computing education ties to national tech strategies for some contr… https://t.co/dZV3jXz3OL

Thu 23rd Sep 2021 13:53

Interesting paper here to go with new UK AI strategy emphasis on education for upskilling and inspiring talent, exa… https://t.co/nLZCuAvvpP

Thu 23rd Sep 2021 13:40

@joenutt_author It looks from p.27 of the full report like that'll be down to the National Centre for Computing Education.

Thu 23rd Sep 2021 13:30

The National AI Strategy out this week positions education to "upskill employees" and "inspire" children "to be exc… https://t.co/Py2mRb5Wf9

Thu 23rd Sep 2021 12:54

RT @ginasue: So thrilled to be leading this!

Thu 23rd Sep 2021 12:15

RT @brembs: How academic institutions have been financing researcher surveillance.

In twelve tweets:
or in a blog…

Thu 23rd Sep 2021 11:47

RT @mseangallagher: Learning independently in refugee camps: community-based perspectives on teaching, learning, and technology https://t.c…

Thu 23rd Sep 2021 10:48

RT @AheadP_ship: 😟 86% young people aged 22-26 feel their job prospects have suffered as a result of the pandemic. A key concern was develo…

Thu 23rd Sep 2021 10:20

@ArmourKathy "Learning loss" is also a textbook example of how the framing of a problem, its measurement, and propo… https://t.co/lF7Rixfy4e

Thu 23rd Sep 2021 09:07

The framing by Hoover Institute economists of "learning loss" in terms of future "human capital" deficits has trave… https://t.co/gRVOQ0pNQm

Thu 23rd Sep 2021 07:30

RT @hypervisible: Every article reporting on these surveillance services needs to include this fact. https://t.co/PLvaiW1fwR https://t.co/9

Wed 22nd Sep 2021 19:40

RT @CenDemTech: 🎒 NEW: @CenDemTech's releasing original research investigating the #privacy & #equity implications of school-issued devices…

Wed 22nd Sep 2021 18:53

Learning independently in refugee camps: community-based perspectives on teaching, learning, and technology… https://t.co/s5yTM9U7pQ

Wed 22nd Sep 2021 09:00

Reimagining Digital Learning for Sustainable Development from @routledgebooks https://t.co/w9cMWSlSiu analysing maj… https://t.co/u3iHuezThW

Tue 21st Sep 2021 14:12

RT @ilikeoldbooks: 📢JOB KLAXON📢
we are recruiting for a Head of Digital Library /and/ a Head of Academic Library Support @EdinburghUni @EdU…

Tue 21st Sep 2021 11:58

RT @timbocop: Hi #Edinburgh friends. Our family car - a silver Vauxhall Zafira SC12GVZ - was stolen from outside our house in #Portobello.…

Tue 21st Sep 2021 10:52

RT @mseangallagher: Mobile phone use for social inclusion: the case of internally displaced people in #Nigeria https://t.co/RGvFEqUY8k #ict…

Tue 21st Sep 2021 09:48

RT @heleducationhub: We celebrate our grand opening online on September 23rd. Sign up to the event, read our current news and take a look a…

Mon 20th Sep 2021 16:23

@DocPhoenix Can’t help thinking that system has helped bring the RCP types into the mainstream & now it’s too late.

Mon 20th Sep 2021 14:36

@DocPhoenix Are you writing about how grifters throw out offensively provocative stuff then demand civility as if t… https://t.co/cfTy8o43tW

Mon 20th Sep 2021 14:29

@pjk_software It’s true, he cites no evidence at all. Even race scientists are making careers out of their pseudosc… https://t.co/c2Hw1BCdwA

Mon 20th Sep 2021 14:23

Mobile phone use for social inclusion: the case of internally displaced people in #Nigeria https://t.co/RGvFEqUY8khttps://t.co/XpyYtvaJ2Y

Mon 20th Sep 2021 14:19

RT @BenPatrickWill: Latest post is on assetizing the nudge and nudging the assets in Big EdTech, looking at Blackboard's post-acquisition p…

Mon 20th Sep 2021 09:10

RT @Neil_Selwyn: 'Neoliberal Education & the Neoliberal Digital Classroom" ... when great sociologists of education like Stephen Ball star…

Mon 20th Sep 2021 09:08

RT @eksploratore: Scaler, a leading professional #upskilling platform, has today announced the launch of “Forever“, a unique subscription-b…

Mon 20th Sep 2021 09:07

Scaler, a leading professional #upskilling platform, has today announced the launch of “Forever“, a unique subscrip… https://t.co/QyB85Ncx9y

Mon 20th Sep 2021 07:32

It's because digital inequality will always exist in stratified societies that limit distribution of wealth. So we… https://t.co/MSCTpmVSrt

Sat 18th Sep 2021 22:02

@mwjtweet Does education have any legitimate claim to moral authority then?

Sat 18th Sep 2021 21:49

@melb4886 @alexkara1989 @EcoDevoEvo I don’t know anyone who says genes irrelevant but seems this type of research u… https://t.co/N5mEl4gl2Z

Thu 16th Sep 2021 23:38

@melb4886 @alexkara1989 @EcoDevoEvo Too many want to prove a point - ‘own the libs’ as they say in the States -… https://t.co/W2tFMRKnXC

Thu 16th Sep 2021 23:34

@melb4886 @alexkara1989 @EcoDevoEvo It's interesting in the context of Harden's call for progressives to embrace ge… https://t.co/LCYQN6ZOY7

Thu 16th Sep 2021 23:25

Virtual programming to help students make up for the internships they lost to the pandemic. https://t.co/cEhLb722xwhttps://t.co/C43iOOEeJc

Thu 16th Sep 2021 20:18

Also that BB Learn Ultra has largely failed and the merger may be a catalyst for a new LMS/ VLE strategy - but ther… https://t.co/H2J4GqE7sC

Thu 16th Sep 2021 16:45

Insightful post from @PhilOnEdTech re: BB and Amplify 'merger'. TLDR back office integration is not a compelling co… https://t.co/fJlk9NiTBv

Thu 16th Sep 2021 16:42

RT @eksploratore: Students say universities must learn from the pandemic to improve #highereducation "Now is the time to learn from our exp…

Thu 16th Sep 2021 14:52

RT @CRADLEdeakin: What does our #digitaleducation future look like?

CRADLE fellowship recipient Dr Adam Brown @digitalzones reflects on ou…

Thu 16th Sep 2021 08:04

RT @heresmishti: today, @DrFatimaRajina’s words hold more true than ever: https://t.co/6n7RA0l4i2

Wed 15th Sep 2021 13:27

"From rational actors to addicted users, these Eurocentric theories of the human are largely drawn from experimenta… https://t.co/0Rlv5PS5Ad

Wed 15th Sep 2021 13:19

RT @EdinburghUni: Whether you are a new or returning student, we want you to feel part of our @EdinburghUni community. Our Principal Prof P…

Wed 15th Sep 2021 07:19

RT @EthicsInAI: 🚨 Job alert! The advert for our Early Career Fellowship in Ethics in AI (Moral/Political Philosophy), in association with C…

Wed 15th Sep 2021 07:17

RT @jpodcaster: Our Fall EdTech Book Club read is The Manifesto for Teaching Online by @sbayne et. al. Registration open to all, please sha…

Wed 15th Sep 2021 07:17

RT @jpodcaster: Our Fall EdTech Book Club read is The Manifesto for Teaching Online by @sbayne et. al. Registration open to all, please sha…

Tue 14th Sep 2021 21:13

RT @EthicsInAI: 🚨 Job alert! The advert for our Early Career Fellowship in Ethics in AI (Moral/Political Philosophy), in association with C…

Tue 14th Sep 2021 17:44

RT @EdCDCS: Wishing new @edinburghuni students and staff a warm welcome this September!
The Centre for Data, Culture & Society is a communi…

Mon 13th Sep 2021 16:32

@PickersgillM @EdinburghUni @BenPatrickWill @LeverhulmeTrust Thank you @PickersgillM and big thanks to… https://t.co/cc9jZRQV2b

Mon 13th Sep 2021 15:24

@_anaccassiano @EdinburghUni Great photo and welcome to the programme @_anaccassiano!

Mon 13th Sep 2021 14:36

Maybe of interest to #mscde students. https://t.co/foF5DAEFyS

Mon 13th Sep 2021 10:42

RT @mseangallagher: I tweet this every so often so apologies for the repetition but whenever I update this site, I marvel at the work our s…

Mon 13th Sep 2021 09:23

I tweet this every so often so apologies for the repetition but whenever I update this site, I marvel at the work o… https://t.co/B8z3XsqPXZ

Mon 13th Sep 2021 09:00

RT @BenPatrickWill: New biological knowledge produced through data science is transforming understandings of learning and life outcomes. Ou…

Sat 11th Sep 2021 22:03

@drewburrett Genius. “We will expedite data driven concept maps with synergistic effects” was literally on my Monday to do list.

Sat 11th Sep 2021 17:11

RT @DorothyMiell: Best job in the world! Let’s make sure we get the best person to fill it - please spread the word (I’m happy to chat abou…

Sat 11th Sep 2021 17:04

RT @phat_controller: Computing greenhouse gas emissions much higher than previously estimated, perhaps twice the level of airline emissions…

Sat 11th Sep 2021 16:43

Important research from my colleague @mseangallagher and partners at Makerere University - digital technology, ref… https://t.co/olOtqB2Eob

Fri 10th Sep 2021 17:15

Lots of prime leadership roles now recruiting @EdinburghUni - Provost, VP Research and two Heads of College. Come a… https://t.co/lOdq7nA4KA

Fri 10th Sep 2021 10:17

RT @ward_esme: Museum and heritage folk, have you noticed big increase in visitors arriving by bike? Any exciting plans for future to encou…

Fri 10th Sep 2021 09:38

Reimagining Technology Fall Series @Princeton: Technovernacular Creativity & Innovation by Nettrice Gaskins. 'STEAM… https://t.co/IdaQcJ1hWx

Fri 10th Sep 2021 09:00

@DrDaveOBrien This made me proper laugh

Thu 9th Sep 2021 20:31

RT @J_Kom_: For anyone interested in edtech, edtech investment, and digitalisation of universities. Javi and I gave a talk with preliminary…

Thu 9th Sep 2021 18:12

RT @J_Kom_: For anyone interested in edtech, edtech investment, and digitalisation of universities. Javi and I gave a talk with preliminary…

Thu 9th Sep 2021 17:10

RT @petergoodyear: Realising the Good University: Social Innovation, Care, Design Justice and Educational Infrastructure | SpringerLink htt…

Thu 9th Sep 2021 12:20

RT @MikeWalters60: ‘Vanity courses’. https://t.co/etvffNyBLG

Tue 7th Sep 2021 10:51

RT @chrisdburr: We have several new positions in the ethics theme @turinginst, for people passionate about contributing to research in Data…

Tue 7th Sep 2021 10:41

RT @massimoragnedda: Book series on Digital Inequalities (Palgrave)

We are seeking monographs and edited volumes that speak to any aspect…

Tue 7th Sep 2021 09:50

Really interesting webinar series organised by @RikkeToftN (which @sbayne and I will be joining later this autumn):… https://t.co/yXXOXlIDvb

Mon 6th Sep 2021 15:47

The #ICT4D Buen Vivir Paradox: Using digital tools to defend indigenous cultures https://t.co/iwdkL72AdU #mscde

Mon 6th Sep 2021 14:19

RT @simonjbains: In case you missed it last week, an exciting vacancy @aberdeenunilib is now open for applications. Deadline 20 September.

Mon 6th Sep 2021 09:10

RT @LydiaPyne: "Increasingly, books are something that libraries do not own but borrow from the corporations that do." This is @readwritera…

Fri 3rd Sep 2021 09:56

RT @DanielleDilkes: This week, I was invited to run a short session on how to succeed as an online learner @westernuNursing
I've run a lo…

Fri 3rd Sep 2021 09:29

Curating #AanaJaana [#ComingGoing]: gendered authorship in the ‘contact zone’ of Delhi’s digital and urban margins… https://t.co/zSpnLi5npW

Thu 2nd Sep 2021 09:00

RT @rshanks: New Special Issue of https://t.co/NpxWQTuBth out now.
Digital Capitalism, Datification, and Media Education. Critical Perspect…

Tue 31st Aug 2021 17:35

Sharing wisdom from the east: Developing a theory of #ICT4D using grounded theory methodology (GTM)- experience fro… https://t.co/QGddSFz2OA

Tue 31st Aug 2021 09:00

For better or for worse? A framework for critical analysis of #ICT4D for women https://t.co/o0IA1L2KSt #mscde

Mon 30th Aug 2021 14:21

RT @EdCDCS: Join the next Critical #Archives Reading Group meeting on Thurs 26 August via MS Teams, 12:30-14:00.
Topic: #Appraisal, the pro…

Wed 25th Aug 2021 20:04

RT @claudiakincaid: Job Announcement: For UoE students, PhD-level research assistant "Using Spotify rankings to explore the global diffusio…

Wed 18th Aug 2021 14:01

@NicoleFurlonge @soundingoutblog @mixesFTF @listenacross @sonic_scope @Sound_and_Space @soundstudies… https://t.co/lduCIn4OCW

Wed 18th Aug 2021 09:54

@MusicmakersUK @mseangallagher Really glad you enjoyed it. And thanks for taking time to participate - it has been… https://t.co/V8dnfCnRGu

Wed 18th Aug 2021 09:38

UK Universities address ‘mental health’ through the outcomes of ‘resilience’ and ‘employability’ and through market… https://t.co/71XnnfR5Fe

Tue 17th Aug 2021 11:15

We show how ‘Knowledges from positive psychology and behavioural economics, disciplinary techniques driven by metri… https://t.co/P2n4HsGEpD

Tue 17th Aug 2021 11:13

RT @prgarnett: New paper out by @demetra_ktz, @acupunctureUSS, @felicitycallard and myself.

Mapping mental health and the UK university s…

Tue 17th Aug 2021 10:30

RT @soundtrackcity: “We are the composers of this huge, miraculous composition that's going on around us, and we can improve it or we can d…

Mon 16th Aug 2021 13:18

@peoples_pop Yesterday there remained the satisfying possibility of a Chems/Blur final, which I knew was unlikely,… https://t.co/sz9B53Cbnq

Thu 12th Aug 2021 09:39

Following on from yesterday’s @eddiged ‘sound and learning spaces' event, contact me if you’d like to share a playl… https://t.co/MEGrBW9MsJ

Wed 11th Aug 2021 11:28

@sjeeves @eddiged By coincidence, and picking up on what came up earlier, I’ve been working to these sounds this af… https://t.co/rH13r71It1

Tue 10th Aug 2021 14:48

RT @SianLShaw: Great to take part in this interactive session about sound & learning spaces. Lots of food for thought about using sound to…

Tue 10th Aug 2021 14:06

RT @eddiged: Join us on 10th August (11am) to help us create the perfect learning #soundscape and experience how different types of music c…

Thu 5th Aug 2021 15:19

New academic developer role in the Institute for Academic Development, with a focus on Scholarship of Teaching and… https://t.co/CQW8Txi2qE

Fri 30th Jul 2021 10:46

RT @katemiltner: Have you attended a coding bootcamp or digital skills academy in the UK? The Who's Coding research team are looking for ad…

Tue 20th Jul 2021 08:22

@peoples_pop Sad to see Luna doing so badly here; they're one of the bands I wish I could have been in, if only I c… https://t.co/rvWYZiSypc

Mon 19th Jul 2021 14:39

@peoples_pop Three songs I actually know in one poll feels a bit tricky, and of course I vote for the lowest scorer… https://t.co/2PBwxmpEmI

Thu 15th Jul 2021 18:07

@peoples_pop SUPERSTAR DJs HEEERE WE GO... blimey this is a bit too close for comfort, get voting ChemBros crew!

Thu 15th Jul 2021 18:05

@peoples_pop Torn between Mr Scruff and Muse, and in the end it doesn't make a blind bit of difference. I only eve… https://t.co/oAGR0TD9Sy

Thu 15th Jul 2021 18:02

RT @roblucas: The British "right to a mainstream education" is a right only in the most nominal sense: it's a right to try it, but the over…

Sat 3rd Jul 2021 15:09

@peoples_pop Chem Bros, Matthew Sweet, Mint Royale, Lemon Jelly, Aimee Mann, Ben Folds 5, Beck, Blur, Deadstar, Jam… https://t.co/M7JOOpoWAl

Tue 29th Jun 2021 14:15

“relax, keep breathing, it’s all going to be very good” - words to live by, and a welcoming introduction to the… https://t.co/E5Ij7ktEvd

Mon 28th Jun 2021 10:18

RT @savasavasava: a reminder to submit your articles and non-articles on surveillance in education! hit me up with questions or concerns! I…

Wed 23rd Jun 2021 11:59

RT @LauraMaye64: We are seeking expressions of interest for a Special Issue on "Co-design Within and Between Communities in Cultural Herita…

Tue 22nd Jun 2021 14:07

@peoples_pop The La's is one of the best CDs I ever bought on sale purely because of the cover... little did I know… https://t.co/X6psz37969

Tue 22nd Jun 2021 13:53

@peoples_pop Listened to the others (already knew Brakes) and the Clouds track is still every bit the awesomest.

Thu 17th Jun 2021 11:47

@peoples_pop Clouds! One of my two favourite Oz indie bands of the 1990s! Owned the T-shirt and everything! Never e… https://t.co/5Y7Xm2vIzU

Thu 17th Jun 2021 11:44

RT @eddiged: Delighted to share the Centre for Research in Digital Education annual report for 2021 https://t.co/gNdChq2f39 https://t.co/gs

Wed 16th Jun 2021 14:41

RT @claudiakincaid: Tomorrow! Book your place: https://t.co/UT8V1WGmq7
Why do we keep trying to solve poverty with technology? Why do we fe…

Tue 15th Jun 2021 11:34

RT @leicesterucu: Good morning folks! Day 1 of our strike defending livelihoods @uniofleicester is Solidarity Day. Get up to speed on the t…

Fri 11th Jun 2021 07:07

@BryanAlexander @sbayne ah great question! I hope it makes an appearance later.

Thu 10th Jun 2021 16:10

@peoples_pop All new to me, all great. "Red Light" was a revelation for this Gen X kid who only knew Billy Ocean's… https://t.co/8MCGFHY9Sm

Thu 10th Jun 2021 09:51

@redmayseattle @Amy_De_Ath @chrisokaneutrgv Will there be a recording? Insurmountable clash at this time...

Thu 27th May 2021 12:56

#Postdigital Humans: Transitions, Transformations And Transcendence #SRHE event 1st June 2021 Register here: https://t.co/ZTuilIfNMm

Wed 31st Mar 2021 12:51

RT @mrs_aspey: #mscidel data visualisation. Loved this activity! Interesting to see the ‘lost’ data. https://t.co/ESIDJHQmuF

Mon 29th Mar 2021 13:44

RT @W0dders: Data visualisation of my distraction data. The most enjoyable, relaxing way to collate data #mscidel #mathsisfun @_deardata ht…

Mon 29th Mar 2021 13:43

RT @vickytoria_: An analogue visualisation of my #mscidel blog activity. I've just been told off by my daughter for borrowing her colouring…

Mon 29th Mar 2021 13:43

RT @smconverge: #mscidel This exercise was fun. Revealed that I'm doing a bit too many Twitter logons! https://t.co/PlyOGSaKKF

Mon 29th Mar 2021 13:43

RT @sarahcalderwood: #mscidel #analoguedata #data #visualisation analogue visualisation of data https://t.co/p4k3ojTnSN

Mon 29th Mar 2021 13:43

Welcome to the final week of #msccde - well done for making it this far! https://t.co/fkLaI8CM3g

Mon 29th Mar 2021 13:42

RT @data_schools: Count and Be Counted! Join us on Tues 30th (4-5pm) to explore existing Scottish datasets to find out about your communit…

Fri 26th Mar 2021 10:56

I would have loved to do this internship when I was a student https://t.co/KxAMHn4HiR

Wed 24th Mar 2021 09:57

RT @eddiged: Digital Education summer internships open to @EdinburghUni #Students. Help us develop an event that brings together art, data…

Wed 24th Mar 2021 09:56

Week 11 is here #msccde folks - the final part of the 'governance' theme, and your last data visualisation.… https://t.co/8gUZBXMZpa

Mon 22nd Mar 2021 09:51

RT @eddiged: We hope you'll join us next Wednesday with @annika_wolff when we'll be talking about engaging learners with scientific data. R…

Thu 18th Mar 2021 16:35

We’re consulting children and young people about Scottish CS education. Could a young person you know take part? https://t.co/XvlWpj6vnf

Fri 12th Mar 2021 09:09

RT @digitalkatie: Hey Scotland! We want to hear young people's views on Computing Science education! Help us spread the word and find amazi…

Fri 12th Mar 2021 09:07

@InfAtEd @EdinburghUni @data_schools @eddiged Our fab Informatics students have started an online code club https://t.co/Di1DaoexAi

Thu 4th Feb 2021 11:57

My amazing students have started a code club ❤️ https://t.co/Di1DaoexAi

Thu 4th Feb 2021 11:51

RT @melissaterras: What do those in the Gallery, Library, Archive and Museum sector think of Google Arts and Culture? What are its benefits…

Wed 20th Jan 2021 14:28

@BenPatrickWill @james858499 - what were we saying?!

Tue 4th Aug 2020 09:35

RT @eddiged: Delighted to share a new free to download resource ‘Digital Play’ by @eddiged’s Professor Lydia Plowman #screentime #earlyyear…

Fri 31st Jul 2020 16:59

@EastLintonPS Great to be in the playground earlier. I mentioned this session happening at 1pm today 'Blended lear… https://t.co/eI63na0czx

Thu 25th Jun 2020 12:14

RT @CreateInf: Applications are open right now for Connected Innovators, Resident Entrepreneurs, and CI Small Research Grants! Find out mor…

Fri 27th Mar 2020 08:51

RT @EdCDCS: As we all transition to remote working, we’re planning to enable some research support activities from a distance.
We are pleas…

Tue 24th Mar 2020 11:37

Grateful to work with so many inspiring people @eddiged & super thrilled to be nominated for this @EdinburghUni Col… https://t.co/pnfOzXA8sx

Tue 3rd Mar 2020 10:32

RT @EdCDCS: Pleased to see that UoE's Map of Accused Witches using Wikidata is nominated for a DH award - Emma spoke about in an @EdCDCS se…

Sat 15th Feb 2020 13:35