Dr Hamish Macleod

Honorary Fellow

Hamish Macleod is a Senior Lecturer in the Institute for Education, Community and Society. He is course leader on ‘Understanding learning in the online environment’, and ‘Introduction to digital game-based learning’. He also co-tutors ‘An introduction to digital environments for learning’, ‘Digital futures for learning’ and ‘Research Methods’. His background is in biology and psychology, and particular interests are in the uses of computer-mediated communications and game-informed approaches in teaching and learning.

Email:  h.a.macleod@ed.ac.uk

Call on: 0131 651 6665

Or write/visit here:
Simon Lawrie House
The Moray House School of Education
The University of Edinburgh
Holyrood Road
Edinburgh EH8 8AQ


Understanding student-teacher dialogue across disciplines.


A teaching philosophy for online education.

Developing live interactive resources that capture personal understandings of a phenomenon.


Asking how the public learn from generating their own metadata around artworks.