Professor Dragan Gašević

Chair in Learning Analytics and Informatics

Dragan Gasevic is a Professor and Chair in Learning Analytics and Informatics in the Moray House School of Education and School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh since February 2015.

Dragan Gasevic is a Professor and the Chair in Learning Analytics and Informatics in the Schools of Education and Informatics at the University of Edinburgh since February 2015. Prior to the current post, he was a Professor and the Canada Research Chair in Semantic and Learning Technologiesin the School of Computing and Information Systems at Athabasca University since 2007. He is a co-founder and served as President (2015-2017) of the Society for Learning Analytics Research. He is also an (Honorary) Adjunct Professor in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University, (Honorary) Adjunct Professor in the School of Education at the University of South Australia, (Honorary) Adjunct Professor in the Centre for Distance Education at Athabasca University, Distinguished Professor in the Institute for Research in Open and Innovative Education, and Research Scientist in the LINK Research Lab at the University of Texas, Arlington. He was also an honorary (Honorary) Adjunct Professor in the Department for Human Development at Teachers’ College, Columbia University (2016) and an IBM CAS Faculty Fellow (2012-2016).

A computer scientist by training and skills, Dragan considers himself a learning analyst developing computational methods that can shape next-generation learning and software technologies and advance our understanding of information seeking, sense-making, and self-regulated and social learning. Funded by granting agencies and industry in Canada and Europe, Dragan is a recipient of several best paper awards at the major international conferences in learning and software technology. The award-winning work of his team on the LOCO-Analytics software is considered one of the pioneering contributions in the growing area of learning analytics. Recently, he has founded ProSolo Technologies Inc that develops a software solution for tracking, evaluating, and recognizing competences gained through self-directed learning and social interactions. Committed to the development of international research community, Dragan had the pleasure to serve as a founding program chair of the International Conference on Learning Analytics & Knowledge (LAK) in 2011 and 2012, general chair of LAK in 2016, a program chair of the Learning Analytics Summer Institute in 2013 and 2014, and a founding editor of the Journal of Learning Analytics (2012-2017). Dragan is a (co-)author of numerous research papers and books and a frequent keynote speaker.


What makes a library? Understanding the future library as both ‘data lab’ and cultural institution.

A collaboration with the Centre for Research in Learning and Innovation at the University of Sydney, developing and researching innovative pedagogical and methodological approaches to designing and assessing student learning in digital spaces.

Research to develop more powerful adaptive educational technologies.

Putting educational data analysis in the hands of students.