Geneva Human Rights Dialogue: Janja Komljenovic invited to UNESCO policy event

3 Jul 2024
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Dr Janja Komljenovic, Senior Lecturer in Education Futures, was invited to speak at the Geneva Human Rights Dialogue on the Right to Education (18th-19th June 2024). This closed, invite-only event was organised by the Swiss Commission for UNESCO, UNESCO, the University of Geneva, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, and the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education. 

Leading thinkers, practitioners, and experts in human rights law and education met to discuss the issues threatening the full realisation of the right to education. Dr Komljenovic spoke on the impact of digitalisation on this universal human right. She highlighted the discrepancies between the promises and offerings in the EdTech industry, the impact of business models on delivering social and pedagogical good, and finally, the experimentation dynamic in search of data value and data monetisation. 

The outcomes of the Dialogue will inform UNESCO policy debates and contribute to the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 4: ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education for all. 

Group image of the UNESCO event

Photo credits: organisers of the Geneva Human Rights Dialogue on the Right to Education.