Nick Hood

Thesis title: Circles Around the Grit: seeking a pedagogy for pre-knowledge

Propositional knowledge is the low-hanging fruit of education, it is measurable along with the impact of interventions in teaching. Harder to access is the understanding that is more a feeling than a statement of fact or formula. My research uses arts-based methodology to explore the perceived experience and reflective responses of student teachers to an audio sequence designed to evoke mental imagery from the audio alone. Through expressive forms and narrative interactions, the qualitative impact on the student understanding of a complex topic germane to their future capacity as teachers will be explored. For 13 years I was a tutor in initial teacher education at the University of Edinburgh and before that, a physics and mathematics teacher in Scotland. In the previous century my career was in software engineering, industry and aerospace. I am a Fellow of the Institute of Physics and a Senior Fellow of the HEA.

Supervisors: Dr. Mike Lynch, Dr. James Lamb