Computer Science Education Week

29 Nov 2018
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Computer Science Education Week

We're excited about international Computer Science Education week which runs from December 3rd to 9th (  A feast of events will be running at Moray House School of Education from Tuesday 4th December - Saturday 9th December. 

A new primary teachers’ guide to teaching computer science can be downloaded at 


Intro to Stat Wars - Tuesday 4th December, 4.30-6pm (for: teachers)

You and your class are invited to join Stat Wars, a competition to design a TV Series or Film using Data Analysis! The competition is run by Primary Engineer, and this free introduction event is hosted by Moray House School of Education, University of Edinburgh. 

This national competition will be open to Primary, Secondary, College and University students to design a film or TV Series using statistical analysis of available data of successful films or TV Series. We will hold a training day and provide lesson plans, datasets, teaching resources and where possible links to data scientists and engineers to complete the project. Outcomes will form part of the launch in Glasgow as part of DataFest which we expect to be held at the BBC. The timelines are very tight as the launch will take place on the week commencing 11th March 2019. 

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Technology for good: design challenge - Thursday 6th December, 1-4pm (for: student teachers and informatics teachers)

Do you want to use your technology skills to make a difference in the world? Are you interested in helping children to learn about your favourite subject? Working with student teachers is a great way to share your knowledge in a scaleable way. 

This workshop will bring together students from different disciplines(student teachers and Informatics and STEM students) to give them an opportunity to learn together and share knowledge and experience. The challenge for the session is to design a project for children which helps them to use technology to solve social problems. The project should engage children in learning about computing and STEM, which thinking about how to make people’s lives better. 

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Coding and cake - Friday 7th December, 2-4pm AND Saturday 8th December, 10am-12pm (for: teachers and children)

Come and meet our friendly staff, have fun programming and eat cake. You can even bring a young person with you as a programming buddy. (Your buddy can be a family member, friend or pupil).  

The focus will be on learning how to use a visual block-based programming language and strategies for using this with Second level learners in a fun, creative way with minimal stress and maximum enjoyment.  Computing Science outcomes will be covered by creating cartoon animations, scripting shapes and then using repetition to draw Spirograph-style art.  

This fun and lively course will give you an opportunity to explore with colleagues the challenges of introducing and expanding the computing science experiences for learners in your school. 

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