UKRI GCRF Urban Disaster Risk Hub website launch

22 Oct 2019
Website screenshot

The UKRI GCRF Urban Disaster Risk Hub project have launched their website

Tomorrow’s Cities is a 5 year $25m interdisciplinary research hub led by collaborations of local experts and practitioners based in four rapidly developing, multi-hazard-exposed cities, and is supported by an international network of specialists.  

The four focus cities, Kathmandu, Nairobi, Quito and Istanbul, face multiple hazards including earthquakes, landslides, flooding and volcanoes.  

DigiEduHack: 24 hours of Finding New Approaches to Digital Education

16 Oct 2019

Ana Hibert of the Centre for Research in Digital Education, supported by Dr Michael Gallagher, recently organised a 24-hour hackathon at the University of Edinburgh to explore new approaches to some of the challenges faced in digital education today. The University of Edinburgh was joined by more than 1700 participants in 21 separate countries solving 60 challenges in 24 hours as part of DigiEduHack.  

Honorary Professor Greg Michaelson

2 Oct 2019
Greg Michaelson image

We are delighted to announce that Greg Michaelson this week joined the Centre for Research in Digital Education as an Honorary Professor.

Greg is a proponent of strong Computational Thinking, as a principled discipline for systematic problem analysis and program construction. He has recently published critiques of classic Computational Thinking as too computation oriented, and of the Logo/Microworld and Objects First approaches. He is a regular contributor to ‘Hello World!’, the magazine of Computing at School and the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Effie St John (the robot) joins the Centre for Research in Digital Education

9 Sep 2019

'Effie St John' (the robot) joins the Centre for Research in Digital Education

This week the Centre welcomed our new ‘robot colleague’ (mentioned in our teaching Manisfesto) Effie St John is a telepresence robot, which we are trialling over the next few months on behalf of the Edinburgh Futures Institute (EFI - hence the name!).