IDC 2020 workshop: Design to Difference

19 Jun 2020
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From Design to Difference: Increasing impact of [your] IDC Research

We welcome academics and practitioners of all time zones to a virtual IDC2020 workshop focused on maximizing the impact of design research in the lives of children. From commercialisation to bridging to classrooms and science centres, come join special guests, discussions and activities that link research to practice before, during and after projects.

Cost: $50. Does not require registration at main IDC conference. Please email workshop lead if you wish to attend but do not have access to organisational funding.

Date and duration. Friday 19th June. 2 hours synchronous online workshop to be agreed with participants based on their time zones. 30min asynchronous activity before and after workshop.

To participate. Email by 10th May: 1 - 2 pages outlining your work, where you think design with/for children can have greater impact in children’s lives, and what you would like covered in the workshop. For those wishing to formalise their submission for proceedings please use CHI Extended Abstract format.

Workshop leaders: Andrew Manches, Alexia Revueltas Roux (UoEdinburgh), Karen Davies (Science Museum), Sharon MacNab (Glasgow Science Centre), Sara Price, Minna Orvokki Nygren (UCL Knowledge Lab), Shuli Gilutz (Tel-Aviv University), Bieke Zaman (Meaningful Interactions Lab), Sharon MacNab (Glasgow Science Centre).

Workshop proposal here

Conference website for updates .

The format and goals of the workshop

This will be a half day workshop, with collaborative discussions to ensure productive participant contribution, and interspersed with short relevant keynotes, that will help guide the discussions. The workshop goals are:

•          Increased awareness, and identification, of diverse ways IDC research can have impact

•          Increased critical understanding of challenges to building/sustaining impact of IDC research

•          Greater critical reflection of ways to increase impact of participants’ own design research

The participant selection criteria

All position papers will be reviewed according to quality, relevance and potential contribution to the workshop, and diversity of background/experiences.

Important dates

•         May 10th, 2020: Workshop participant submission deadline

•         May 17th, 2020. : Participants notified of acceptance

•         June 19th  2020 (Friday): Day of workshop