Data Education in Schools professional learning for teachers - Scratch: Coding for Art and Maths

Scratch: Coding for Art and Maths 

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This event is designed for individuals in both primary and secondary sectors to give an understanding of the key concepts and strategies for teaching the Computing Science and Maths experiences and outcomes using the context of programming art and animation to engage learners.

An introduction to Scratch, a block based visual programming language that can be used by learners to make art and learn about Maths. This fun and lively event will give you an opportunity to explore with colleagues the challenges of introducing and expanding the computing science experiences for learners in your school.

Learning outcomes

  • Get an introduction to block based computer programming using the Scratch environment
  • Learn about the three curricular organisers in the CS outcomes in the Scottish Curriculum and how learners need an understanding of computing concepts (organiser 1) and of the ‘language’ of Scratch (organiser 2) before they can create their own programs (organiser 3).
  • Learn about the importance about order and precision in algorithms and see how a small change or difference can make a big difference to the outcome
  • Use repetition in programs to make them more efficient
  • Explore repetition in programs to make artistic mathematical patterns 
  • Use techniques such as prediction to increase understanding of algorithms and solving problems
  • Learn classroom management strategies specific to teaching programming
  • Find out sources of support and further activities and resources

Who this course is for

Teachers, Principal Teachers and School Leadership Teams.   

Key words/concepts

Computing Science, computational thinking, programming, coding, Maths, Art, learning, teaching, assessment, attainment and achievement, creativity, collaboration, curriculum development, professional learning, STEM, STEAM, problem solving, challenges, improvement.


Date of Event
Event Leader
Kate Farrell
Newbattle High School
Research Area
Children & Technology
Data Society