DE Seminar: Dr Kate Miltner 'Anyone Can Code? Power, Inclusion, and the Coding Fetish'

Anyone Can Code? Power, Inclusion, and the Coding Fetish

11th November, 1-2pm

Dr Kate Miltner, Centre for Research in Digital Education

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Over the course of the past decade, learning to code has been positioned as a silver-bullet solution to a variety of structural social concerns, including social mobility for the economically marginalized and the underrepresentation of women and BAME individuals within the tech industry. In response to this discourse, a growing industry of coding ‘academies’ has developed across the globe, insisting that “anyone can code” and get a well-paid tech job with a few months’ intensive instruction. Drawing on a case study from an American coding school, this seminar will interrogate common coding-related claims and illustrate how subtle gatekeeping mechanisms at play within these schools end up subverting the well-intentioned goals they set out to achieve.


Kate Miltner holds a TRAIN@Ed Fellowship and is based in the Centre for Research in Digital Education, University of Edinburgh. Kate's research focuses on digital skills academies (coding schools and bootcamps).

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