A digital space of belonging: possibilities for mobile children

A digital space of belonging: possibilities for mobile children

4th November 11am - midday

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Maureen Finn, Director STEP (Scottish Traveller Education Programme)


Large numbers of children from traditionally mobile families do not engage with school in Scotland beyond the age of eleven. We know little of how these children experience school and the extent to which school is in tension with their nomadic culture. The question arises of whether the children can feel that they belong in schools.

This talk describes the coming together of nomadic children with digital media to explore the social, material and pedagogic aspects of school spaces. Through a series of critical and creative digital activities a fluid space is described where belonging and identities could be negotiated.


Maureen Finn is Director of STEP, a knowledge exchange centre supporting equitable access to education for mobile communities based at Moray House School of Education and Sport. Her research interests are mobility in education, inclusive digital pedagogy, creative learning, visual research methods and family literacy.




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