Live Lesson: Use data science to reduce your school's carbon footprint

Data Education in Schools Live Lesson: Use Data Science to reduce your school's carbon footprint.

9th November, 2pm

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At COP26, a major scientific conference hosted in Glasgow, the world will unite to tackle climate change. Countries will work together to make plans to reduce their carbon footprints to net-zero.

Take part in this interactive data science activity with your class and use real data to investigate how renewable energy could reduce your school’s carbon footprint.

This event is perfect for all classes and would be a great fit for learners interested in geography, maths, physics, and computing science.

Broadcasting from our energy HQ in Glasgow, the location of COP26, there is no better opportunity to learn about climate change in your classroom. During this interactive activity, we’ll use real data to:

• Estimate YOUR school’s energy consumption

• Research the solar energy potential at YOUR school using a geographic information system from NASA

• Evaluate the impact a photovoltaic solar array on YOUR school’s rooftop would have on its carbon footprint

We know that schools use a lot of electricity: consider how many lights, appliances and computers are in your school. Depending on how that electricity is generated, it could have a significant carbon footprint.

Could generating some of that power locally using the sun have an impact? How much could be generated at YOUR school? Learners will get the answers to these questions at this event.

The workshop is suitable for learners from P7-S4. No previous experience of data science is required.

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