Making sense of coronavirus data with your learners

Wednesday 9th December, 4-5pm

This event has been postponed and will be rescheduled after the October break.  Stay up to date with Data Education in Schools events by signing up to receive their newsletter


This event brings together researchers and professionals working to support improvements in curriculum design in maths and science.

Dr Glenna Nightingale from the University of Edinburgh and Dr Darren Macey from Cambridge Mathematics will present recent work they have been doing on analysing and interpreting Coronavirus Data with a particular focus on how this might be meaningful to teaching practitioners.

Dr Andrew Manches from the University of Edinburgh will then showcase a set of cards designed to help children discuss, learn, and share experiences of the coronavirus pandemic in a safe, fun and educational way. Your school may have already received a complimentary set of these cards for you to use.

Our speakers

Dr Glenna Nightingale is based in the Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research and Policy at the University of Edinburgh and works in the area of developing quantitative methods for evaluating complex public health interventions.

Darren Macey works with Cambridge Mathematics and is currently studying for a Master’s degree at the Faculty of Education at Cambridge University. Darren is an ambassador for the Royal Statistical Society and a member of their ‘Teaching Statistics’ special interest group committee. His research interests include mental models of statistical concepts and developing statistical reasoning.

Dr Andrew Manches is a Senior Lecturer in Learning Sciences and Director of the Children and Technology group in the Centre for Research in Digital Education (University of Edinburgh). He leads/has led various funded projects centred around the role of interaction in how we think and learn, and the implications for early learning technologies.


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Judy Robertson
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Data Education in Schools