Seminar: Dr Michael Gallagher, 'Digital Education in Development Contexts in Higher Education: Hybrid Spaces, Leapfrogging, and Scale'

Digital Education in Development Contexts in Higher Education: Hybrid Spaces, Leapfrogging, and Scale

Friday 4th May, 12pm-1.30pm. Charteris Land room 2.03, Moray House School of Education

Dr Michael Gallagher, Centre for Research in Digital Education, Moray House School of Education

Seminar recording available here:

This seminar will broadly discuss the state of digital education in higher education in development contexts and the complex orchestration of technology, local practices, and policy that underpin its participation. It is designed to explore the technological foundation from which digital education emerges in these regions as well as the demographic imperatives this education is designed to address. From mobile first design to technological leapfrogging, development contexts often bear with them unique challenges. The seminar will highlight examples of digital education in development contexts: completely digital universities without a physical campus, hybrid universities, and traditional universities making overtures into digital education. Development challenges abound throughout these permutations: neoliberal loosening of domestic control and import of higher education; pan-African attempts at higher (digital) education, and South Asian issues of monumental scale.

The seminar will conclude with a discussion around challenges for universities in the UK attempting to serve a largely underserved populace in these regions; and the potential for undercutting local higher education efforts in doing so.


Dr Michael Gallagher is a Research Associate on the Near Future Teaching Project at the Centre for Research in Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh; and Director of Panoply Digital, a consultancy dedicated to ICT and mobile for development (ICT4D). His research focus is on mobility and mobile technology largely to support practice in the humanities in higher education, particularly in the Asia Pacific region.


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Dr Jeremy Knox
Charteris Land, room 2.03
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Digital Cultures