Seminar: Dr Zayba Ghazali-Mohammed and Susan Meikleham 'Cautious collaboration to perfect partnership'

Cautious collaboration to perfect partnership: An account of successful stakeholder academic engagement between University of Edinburgh and Glasgow Science Centre

Dr Zayba Ghazali-Mohammed, University of Edinburgh, and Susan Meikleham, Glasgow Science Centre

2-3.30pm, Paterson's Land rm 1.19, Moray House School of Education and Sport

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Research supports a strong connection between embodied activity and cognition (e.g., Glenberg, 2010; Barsolou, 2008), particularly around science ideas (Goldin-Meadow & Beilock, 2010).  Informal learning settings like science centres are in a strong position to contribute to this field by providing opportunities for learning through physically interactive science exhibits (Haden, 2010). This talk highlights how successful and active collaboration of partners, in this case Glasgow Science Centre practitioners and academics from the University of Edinburgh Move2Learn project, contributed towards understanding the role of embodied interaction in young children’s learning about science in informal settings, which enabled the co-design of an embodied interaction evaluation tool and the design of a novel exhibit that assesses and supports embodied learning processes. 


Zayba is a Post-doctoral Research Associate and works full-time on the Move2Learn project. She completed her PhD in Developmental Psychology at University College London, where she was awarded a competitive scholarship by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). Her research primarily focuses on conceptual development and conceptual progression in young children in areas of scientific thinking. Zayba was awarded a grant by the British Psychological Society to undertake an internship at the Ontario Science Centre where she was able to collect data alongside researchers at the University of Toronto. Zayba has also worked as a consultant for UNESCO, writing reports on the challenges girls face worldwide in entering STEM education and STEM professions, and has previously worked as a Senior Analyst for local government. 

Susan has a degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology and has worked in Science Engagement for 16 years. She has experience in engaging learners of all ages and from all walks of life in a wide variety of science subjects through interactive exhibits and hands-on activities. Susan specialises in facilitating dialogue on controversial areas of science and is an experienced facilitator. Her current role is focussed on Glasgow Science Centre’s Inspire and Challenge approach to STEM learning. Her work involves developing the Inspire and Challenge training programme for teachers, industry partners, academics and Glasgow Science Centre staff.

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Andrew Manches
Paterson's Land rm 1.19
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