Extinction-era universities

Decorative illustration of a sand timer containing abstract symbols
Decorative explanation of extinction-era universities

Climate disaster is well underway, resulting in global food and water insecurity, uprisings and mass movements of people.

Universities lead the global response. They no longer compete for funding or prestige, but work through global research networks focused on coordinated responses to planetary crises. The internet persists, enabled by green power, but it is restricted to research, education, community and government uses only.

Borders are erased to support mass migration. Money no longer exists: collective assets are redistributed to empower sustainable local management. All activity operates according to an 'eco bottom line' in which value accumulates to individuals, organisations and regions on the basis of the work they do to support survival and enable renewability. University teaching is transformed into mass public survival education and is conducted through open education networks and local learning collectives.

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