Extreme unbundling

Decorative image of gemstone refracting light beams to abstract symbols, with the text 'extreme unbundling'
Decorative explanation of 'extreme unbundling'

Universities as understood in the 20th century have disappeared. Campuses are cancelled, and universities’ estates contract into ‘rent by the hour’ teaching spaces. Teaching is sold through a hyper-fragmented market of education services, and higher education is re-framed as ‘super-skilling’. Small-scale ‘learning shots’ are marketed directly to learners, via a network of outsourced provider-academics connected through a handful of global digital platforms. 

People learn through life, accumulating various forms of micro-credit in a portfolio validated through reputation management systems and performance analytics. Academics are loosely affiliated to industry-funded research collectives of varying prestige and no physical location. They sell their teaching freelance, creating a new divide between millionaire academic superstars and those who scrape a living from poorly-paid teaching piecework. 

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