Keynote: Choreography and improvisation within hybrid higher education

23 Aug 2023
Decorative image of a dancer with flowers


Dr James Lamb presented a keynote presentation titled 'Choreography and improvisation within hybrid higher education' as part of the Sustainable Hybrid Education: Building a Community of Practice to Rise to the Needs of the Future conference held at University College Dublin.

James' slides and presentation are available (link below). The presentation responded to the following propositions:

  • The possibilities of fusion teaching are never simply a matter of what digital resources can bring to the combined physical and digital classroom. It is more productive, we have argued, to recognise fusion education as a choreography of space, time, technology and pedagogy.
  • This is a choreography that extends beyond the conventional interest in human bodies and interests, to also consider the wider social and material actors that shape educational activities.
  • Conceptualising fusion education as choreography is also in step with the idea of teaching as performance, which opens the way to recognising its unpredictable and contingent nature.
  • Our ability to choreograph and then improvise becomes easier at the point that we recognise fusion to be more than a series of processes and activities, but also a way of thinking about education

Presentation slides and blog

Event recording