Schooling Data Citizens seminar recording

12 Feb 2018


Last Friday saw the succesful launch of our Data Citizenship seminar series.  

Giovanna Mascheroni (Università Cattolica of Milan), Judy Robertson (University of Edinburgh) and Ben Williamson (University of Stirling) spoke on the topic of 'Schooling Data Citizens'

You'll find a link to our seminar recording here:

The Digital Education Data Citizenship seminar series will examine the role of education and digital technology in developing notions of contemporary citizenship. As the era of ‘big data’ promises all kinds of disruptions, from economic revolutions, to new scientific insights, to modified forms of governance, participation and activism, the balance between the citizen and the state requires renewed attention. Education, as the foundation and ‘lifelong’ thread of public life, appears to be subject to the disruptive ventures of ‘big data’ governance, but also a key site for the shaping of new kinds of ‘citizen’. Three seminars in this series will critically address the education themes of schooling, higher education, and community education.  The first seminar in this series is entitled ‘Schooling Data Citizens’.

Our next Data Citizenship event will take place in April.