Effie St John

Telepresence robot


Effie St John joined the Centre for Research in Digital Education from San Francisco, California, in 2019 with a research agenda to support on campus engagement for those at a distance.  Effie is located on the 4th floor of St John's Land though has the capacity to move around the building by those logged on to the Effie system.  Effie's 'body' comprises a tablet, telescopic rod and a rotating wheel meaning that direction, speed and height are controllable (with a little practice). 

While Effie joined the Centre with research interests in human-computer interaction and mobilities theory Effie is keen to explore how the role of telepresence robot informs other areas of academic research.

Effie will help you engage with staff in St John's Land, Moray House School of Education and Sport. To take Effie for a spin (low speeds only), you can book a meeting time by emailing Learning Technologist Mate.Varadi@ed.ac.uk.


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