Book release: 'AI and Education in China'

3 Mar 2023
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Dr Jeremy Knox’s new book AI and Education in China: Imagining the Future, Excavating the Past is now available from Routledge.

The book explores the relationships between artificial intelligence (AI) and education in China, in the context of profound technological interventions, far-reaching national policy, and multifaceted cultural settings. By standing at the intersection of three foundational topics – AI and the recent proliferation of data-driven technologies; education, the most foundational of our social institutions in terms of actively shaping societies and individuals; and, finally, China, which is a frequent subject for dramatic media reports about both technology and education – this book offers an insightful view of the contexts that underpin the use of AI in education, and promotes a more in-depth understanding of China.

Jeremy is currently speaking about the book at a range of events, including invited talks at KU Leuven in Belgium (February), Beijing Normal University in China (March), and the Society for Research in Higher Education in the UK (April). 

Western commentators often talk about the rise of AI in Chinese education with a mixture of fascination and horror. Jeremy Knox moves beyond the usual techno-orientalist stereotypes, and offers a clear-eyed appraisal of what China can teach us about the fast-changing relationships between AI, education, society and culture 

Neil Selwyn, Monash University, Melbourne

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Dr Jeremy Knox

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