Call for papers: Learning in the age of algorithmic cultures

12 May 2016
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During the past decades, algorithms have become ubiquitous actors in the global economy, as well as our social and material worlds – slowly but surely, we have entered the age of algorithmic cultures.

In education studies, algorithmic cultures signal a shift away from the centrality of individual or social concerns and toward the complex relations between the human and nonhuman agencies that proliferate in our digitally networked activities. Research in this context is likely to foreground what algorithms do rather than what they describe or analyse. Effects, products and worlds created by algorithms have their own kind of power, giving this work a political dimension. 

In this Special Issue, the journal E-learning and Digital Media invites authors to explore the intersections between algorithmic cultures and human learning. Abstracts are due on 1 July 2016, with full submissions due on 1 December 2016. Publication will be in Autumn 2017.

Guest editors of the special issue are Petar Jandrić (Department of Informatics & Computing, Zagreb University of Applied Sciences, Croatia), and Jeremy Knox, Hamish Macleod and Christine Sinclair from the Centre for Research in Digital Education.