The Changing Pedagogical Landscape report is released

1 Nov 2015
image from the new pedagogical landscapes project report


An important new report has been released on new ways of teaching and learning and their implications for higher education policy. With Jeff Haywood as lead author, the report presents the findings of a study funded by European Commission during 2014-15.

The study reports that European higher education has expanded its capacity greatly over the past 50 years, with qualification frameworks, quality assurance processes, mutually-recognised awards and credits, and support for student and teacher mobility creating a sophisticated and sought-after higher education system. However,there is concern that uptake of ICT in teaching and learning and innovation in pedagogy has not been enough to enable the degree of flexibility and accessibility that will be needed for national economic success and the personal fulfilment of citizens.

The study provides research, analysis and recommendations to, European governments in order to aid them in promoting greater innovation in pedagogy and in the use of technology in higher education

More information on the project is here, and the project report is available for download here.