Children & Technology: towards interdisciplinary collaboration

2 Feb 2018
Participants engaged in discussion activities


Zayba Ghazali-Mohammed successfully held a workshop on the 11th December 2017 on ‘Children & Technology: towards interdisciplinary collaboration’, funded by the Scottish Informatics Computer Science Alliance. The event attracted many people from the children’s technology industry, academia, museums, and beyond. The talks throughout the day were organized into three themes including: empowering children, from design to use, and putting children first. There were 2-3 talks in each theme, at which point a general discussion about issues raised in each theme was initiated. Participants were also encouraged to bring demonstrations along with them to share examples of their work/research. Overall, the event was a success, bringing together people from a variety of fields, sharing their research among each other and developing wider networks.

Some feedback from the event:

“Really interesting and helpful. A chance to meet people from a variety of backgrounds I wouldn’t normally meet. Opportunity to keep in collective touch would be great.”

“Good day, always nice to meet people from different areas who I may not have otherwise met. Always good to see about what others are working on with some good thought provoking discussions.”

“Really interesting workshop structure. Do it at CHI [Computer-Human Interaction] 2019 in Glasgow.”