Conferences with @EDDIGED


Conferences with @EDDIGED

With colleagues heading overseas for a break over the summer it seems a good time to look at the places we’ve visited in the first half of the year while disseminating and developing our research, participating in symposiums, conferences and working groups.  

In March, Phil Sheail presented ‘Culture, Code, Silence, Surveillance: The changing spaces of the research library'at the Research Libraries UK conference.  Meanwhile, Jen Ross was invited to speak on the subject of ‘Surveillance culture and its impact on student-teacher relationships in higher education’ at the Centre for Research in Learning and Innovation, University of Sydney.

April was a busy month for Digital Education.  Sian Bayne delivered a keynote speech at the annual conference of the Flexible Learning Association of New Zealand, Massey University.  Sian’s keynote was recorded and can be accessed here.  Lydia Plowman travelled to the United States to present a paper, and as a discussant for, the symposium on Young children learning with mobile devices: Research on design and implementation at the AERA (American Educational Research Association) conference, New York City.  Lydia then travelled west to present an invited keynote, ‘Digital play and guided interaction’, at the conference on Playing to Learn in the Digital Age, at the Erikson Institute, Chicago on April 27th.  Jen Ross visited Vancouver to present ‘Digital Collections, Open Data And The Boundaries Of Openness: A Case Study From The National Galleries Of Scotland’ at Museums and the Web.  

Jen presenting at Museums on the Web
Jen Ross presenting at Museums and the Web in Vancouver.

Jen presented with Ashley Beamer of Royal Ontario Museum and Christopher Ganley, National Galleries of Scotland.  Jen then travelled to Victoria, British Columbia, as part of a research visit to work with Prof George Veletsianos, Research Chair in Innovative Learning and Technology at Royal Roads University.  Jeremy Knox delivered an invited talk at the SSESW Advances/Development in Higher Education Teaching seminar at Queens University Belfast on the topic 'Teaching in the Open: developing a critical higher education practice'.  Jeremy also travelled to Beijing Normal University to present 'Teaching at Scale: Connecting accredited University provision and open MOOC learning' as an invited talk at the Innovation Centre for Future Education.

April also saw Andrew ManchesZayba Ghazali-Mohammed and Alexia Revueltas Roux (doctoral student) travel to the Philip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science in Miami to meet research colleagues from the UK and US along with advisors and representatives of the research sites involved in the Move2Learn project.  The same month, Andrew also presented ‘Hands on Technology’ at an Improving Numeracy in Scotland event held in Edinburgh.  


Judy Robertson gave her inaugural lecture entitled ‘Data Education for All’ at Moray House School of Education on 15thMay. Judy’s lecture can be accessed via this link.  The same week, the Networked Learning conference took place in Zagreb, Croatia, on 14th-16thMay.   Tim Fawns and Clara O’Shea presented ‘Distributed learning and isolated testing: tensions in traditional assessment practices’.  Clara also presented later in the conference on ‘Learning how kinds matter: A posthuman rethinking Ian Hacking’s concepts of kinds, dynamic nominalism and the looping effect’.  Michael Gallagher presented ‘Amira’s complexity and cosmopolitanism: the role of disposition in mobilities and mobile learning’.   Hamish Macleod and Jen Ross spoke to the title ‘Surveillance, (dis)trust and teaching with plagiarism detection technology’.   Christine Sinclair had the last laugh though, presenting ‘Laugh with us, not at us: parody and networked learning’.

Image of IAD Learning & Teaching conference
Institute of Academic Development (IAD), Learning and Teaching conference (Photographer: Allan Bovill)


The following month, and closer to home, the IAD Learning and Teaching conference took place at Pollock Halls of Residence, Edinburgh, on 20thJune.   Presentations included:

Sian Bayne and Michael Gallagher 'The Near Future of Teaching at Edinburgh'

Pete Evans 'Wider Themes in Digital Education –flexibility, structure and student agency'

Tim Fawns and Clara O'Shea 'Product, process or practices? Distributed learning and assessment in digital education'

Jeremy Knox 'Teaching Research Methods at Scale: Connecting accredited University provision and open MOOC learning'

Jen Ross, with Amani Bell and Jen Scott Curwood 'Assessment in a digital age: Rethinking multimodal artefacts in higher education' 

Anna Wood, Christine Sinclair and Hamish Macleod, with Jessie Paterson, Paul Anderson, 'What question? Enabling dialogue between students and their teachers'.   A video of this presentation is featured here:

Michael Gallagher and James Lamb also presented a poster titled 'Exit the classroom: digital, mobile teaching and learning'.

Zayba with staff and other Early Career Researchers at the ICLS2018 conference
Zayba (3rd from right) with staff and other Early Career Researchers at the ICLS2018 conference

June also saw Zayba Ghazali-Mohammed travel to London for the thirteenth International Conference on Learning Sciences (part of the London Festival of Learning) having been awarded a highly competitive place to attend the Early Career Researcher workshop.  Zayba, the only attendee from a European institution, obtained one of only 12 places from over 100 applications.  

Also in June, Jeremy Knox and Yuchen Wang presented ‘Artificial Intelligence and Educational Inclusion’ at the Big Data Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (BDAIR18) Symposium at De Montfort University in Leicester.  Lydia Plowman was an invited participant for the Under 5s Expert Working Group (with a focus on screen time) at the Scientific Consensus Meeting for the update of the UK’s Chief Medical Officer’s 2011 physical activity guidelines.  Jen Ross and Phil Sheail explored digital spaces at an Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities (IASH) event. Jen spoke to the title 'Duty to Care and Duty to Share: Institutional Tensions around Digital Open Access and Public Art Collections' while Phil discussed the CRDE project 'Data Bodies in the Library'.

In Glasgow, Anna Wood presented ‘Active or passive or both? Looking inside the ‘black box’ of lectures’ at the Institute of Physics Higher Education Group Regional Community Meeting

World map with map pins showing DE presentations
Destinations of DE presentations delivered Jan-June 2018