Counting down to LAK16 and L@S

3 Mar 2016

The Centre for Research in Digital Education at Edinburgh is hosting two international conferences this April: the 6th International Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK16) conference, and the 3rd Annual ACM Conference on Learning at Scale (L@S).

The LAK conference is organised in partnership with the Society for Learning Analytics and Research. Running from April 25-29 it will include 5 days of workshops and papers, with keynote talks from Mireille Hildebrandt (Vrije Universiteit Brussels), Paul Kirschner (Opn University of the Netherlands) and Robert J. Mislevy from the University of Maryland. 

L@S is an ACM conference which promotes scientific exchange of interdisciplinary research at the intersection of the learning sciences and computer science. It runs immediately before the LAK conference on the 25 and 26 April.

Registration is still open for both conferences so please go ahead and sign up at the following locations.

6th International Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK16) conference

3rd Annual ACM conference on Learning at Scale