Digital Cultural Heritage Research Network announces new events for 2017

1 Dec 2016
Lines of light

The Digital Cultural Heritage Research Network (DCHRN) brings together colleagues from across the University and the cultural heritage sector in a professional network for people investigating digital cultural heritage issues.

It includes members and perspectives from diverse disciplines including design, education, sociology, law, cultural studies, informatics and business, and from a wide range of cultural heritage organisations in Edinburgh and beyond.

Two new DCHRN events will take place early in 2017. On 31 January, Andrea Wallace (University of Glasgow School of Law) will talk about her experimental exhibition, "Display at your own risk". On 21 April, DCHRN is hosting a full-day event on the topic of 'involving the public', with speakers including Helen Graham (University of Leeds) and Victoria Van Hyning (University of Oxford/Zooniverse). Topics for the day include crowdsourcing research, co-production, and explorations of innovative digital methods for working with the public.

Visit the DCHRN site for more information and to join the network or register for events.